Windows C64 Disk Viewer


A while back I was looking for an easy way to view text files from C64 disk images. I couldn't find an existing tool to do this (without extracting the file and converting in different programs) - so I built one.

Simply browse to the disk image you want to view, and open it. The directory is displayed as shown below. Now you can just double click any text file and view its contents. You can also copy off individual files if you need to.




Win1541 Download (130K)

Current Build Version: 1.02
Current Build Date: 20 March 2003

Just unzip the archive, and run the program from wherever you want. I haven't done any compatibility testing, but the required DLLs should exist on any current system (if you have an issue, let me know).



1.00 (23/04/2001) - Initial release.
1.01 (24/04/2001) - Fixed the bug where ".D64" and ".D71" were recognised as valid files, but ".d64" and ".d71" were not. Took all of 24 hours for someone to report that one. D'oh!
1.02 (20/03/2003) - By default, the Save File function uses the original C64/C128 file name as the output file name. C64/C128 file names can contain characters which are invalid for DOS, which results in an inability to open the save dialog. This release converts the invalid characters to underscores.


For any comments, questions, bug reports, requests, etc, contact me via my web page. Due to the wonders of web crawlers and SPAM, I can no longer publish my direct email address here. Yay.



Last updated, March 20, 2003.