Mad Max first commenced shooting on Monday, October 24th, 1977. It would be January 1978 before the shoot would be completed, and April 1979 before the film would be publicly released in Australia - even later than this overseas. Presented here is the first page of the shooting schedule as originally planned.

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The page above effectively represents the first draft to the shooting schedule. At this stage the shooting plan consisted mostly of an outline of which scenes were to be filmed on which days, which cast were to be involved, and lacked much further detail. For the shoot itself, more detailed call sheets were issued for each shooting day, containing further location details, specific cast and crew call time information, props information, and so on. The full call sheet to the first shooting day can be seen below.

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Note that the left hand column on each of the above call sheets references the specific script page and scene numbers to be shot. Presented below are the corresponding script pages to this first day of shooting. Note that the pages below are presented in script order, page 190 through to page 195. As can be seen on the call sheets, the scenes to the movie were not actually filmed in order, noting particularly that these scenes represent sequences from fairly late within the film. It is interesting to note that the first scene shot on the first day was of Johnny at the freeway phone box - the scene immediately prior to this in the film is of Max hitting the biker's on Kirk's Bridge, and that scene itself would not be filmed until the last day of filming, in January 1978.

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