The set of Bartertown was built at a Sydney brick pit, close by to the newly built Olympic Park. Karol Bartoszynski vistited there in July 2001, and he sent me the following information and picture:

"To get there you simply need to catch an Olympic Park express train from central station in Sydney. The brick pit is on the north-east side of the park, literally a one-minute walk from Olympic Park station - it's just across the street! You can also get a view of the brick pit and the park from the top of the Novotel hotel, in the center of the park.

The pit was closed in 1993 when they discovered the Green and Golden Bell Frog living in the freshwater ponds within the brick pit. It is closed to the public. There are two fences surrounding the pit on the Olympic park side. The brick pit is huge. You can easily fit several Bartertown sets within it. There is a bit of water at the bottom, as well as some abandoned structures (sheds and caravan-type buildings) left over from the mining days on the north side of the pit. My theory is that the Bartertown site was on the south-east corner of the pit. The tallest cliffs are on the south end, as seen in my photo."

The Brick Pit, photographed by Karol Bartoszynski, July 2001.


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