Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Filming Locations
The Moat Jump Stunt

AspinAtTheWheel.jpg (26122 bytes)
Stuntman Max Aspin (with makeup blood, not the real stuff!)

The setup for this stunt is that the marauders, driving a modified Valiant Regal, are attacking Max as he attempts to deliver the rig, shooting out the tyres. The Gyro Captain comes to the rescue however, dropping a snake onto the arrow gun operator, causing him to misfire into the back of the driver, sending the car out of control, and into the moat.

AspinApproaches.jpg (5974 bytes)  AspinJumps.jpg (6675 bytes)
Approaching the ramp, and the jump itself

The ramp is set up at just the right height to send the car over a pile of wrecks sitting in the moat, just clipping the top car as it goes over. The Valiant is supposed to sail over the top fairly cleanly, and to a safe landing.

AspinCrashes.jpg (16526 bytes)
The Charger clips the wreck pile, and plunges

However, the stunt does not unfortunately go exactly to plan. The Valiant clips the pile of wrecks a little harder than was intended, and doesn't end up landing as safely, or softly, as it was supposed too.

AspinCleanup.jpg (24993 bytes)
Max Aspin is pulled from the car, while the safety guys clean up.
Byron Kennedy (left of the Mohawker) watches on.

The car comes down harder than it is supposed to, apparently breaking Max Aspin's leg. As with Guy Norris after the Cannonball Stunt, Max makes the trip off set, and into hospital.

AspinCarriedAway.jpg (25875 bytes)
Max Aspin is carried off


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