Mad Max Cars
Big Boppa / Big Bopper
(Roop & Charlie)

I'm supposed to drive this crate!

This car was a Ford Falcon XB sedan, with a V8 302 motor. In it's previous life the car was in fact a Victoria Police car. In the film this car is most remembered for being continually kicked around, and then getting back up and going on.

First the car slides sideways into a signpost, tearing the bonnet off (with Roop's assistance). Then stunt driver Grant Page rams George Miller's Mazda Bongo van with the car, while travelling at around 140km/h. A few hours and a new radiator later, Grant Page smashes the car through a caravan, this time going at around 130km/h.

You can't go on! People's lives are in peril! Stay off the road!

And that unfortunately was the end of the car. Following the stunt sequence described above, the car was sent to the crusher.  Note that the opening chase sequence was filmed last, so although you see the car all repaired again later in the film, these scenes were actually filmed first. Also note that this car is most easily identified in the film because it is the only yellow car with "Pursuit" written across the boot lid.

Better send a meat truck. Charlie's copped a saucepan in the throat.

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