Most of the replica attention has centred around reproducing the black coupe, and as such that page goes into a lot more detail than this one. I would regard the information below as more of an overview than a detailed breakdown of what is involved in replicating these cars. I'm sure as more people move on to build replicas of these cars this page will evolve into some more detail.


Base Cars

The base cars are XA and XB Falcon sedans. Depending on which car you want to build, you should check out the sections on Max's Yellow Interceptor, Big Bopper and March Hare to get the more detailed base car information.

Fibreglass Work

Max's car has the most fibreglass work, with a roof spoiler, bonnet scoop, front air dam, and wheel flares. Big Bopper has everything but the bonnet scoop, and this also appears to be the case with March Hare (feel free to correct me on this, I have primarily looked at Max's car, and not the other two).

All of the fibreglass parts used on these vehicles were purchased from Errol Platt's workshop, EWP Fibreglass. I do not have precise identifications on exactly which of his parts were used, as you can see from some of Errol's old advertising below, he stocked quite a variety of similar parts. 

Unfortunately Errol passed away some time back, which has made the identification more difficult at present. I am told that all of the moulds for his parts do still exist, but for reasons of copyright (basically fear of the designs being copied), they are not currently being produced.

The bonnet scoop used is apparently similar to an L88 corvette scoop. Sam Costanzo has investigated this, and purchased a similar scoop from Radier Industries in Brisbane. It seems like there are a number of similar scoops still around, I am not sure at this stage if any of them are considered a 100% match to what was used on the car.

The wheel flares are similar to Torana SLR5000 flares, but Torana flares are not exactly correct. As can be seen in the picture above, a very large variety of flares were available.

The roof spoiler is very similar to  the black Interceptor, although I'm not 100% certain that they are the same, due obviously to the fact that the spoiler is fitted differently to the sedans than it was to the coupe.

The front air dam is again hard to identify, although I believe Sam Costanzo has tracked down the almost correct part for this. Perhaps try giving him an email, or checking out his web page.

Paint Scheme

Note that the stripe pattern on each of these cars is different. It is not too hard to map out the pattern just by looking at the cars in the film, just be careful to make sure you are always looking at the correct car. There was only one of each car built, so you should not have any problems with duplicate car mix ups and so on.

Grant Hodgson suggested the paint colours are "mid chrome yellow" (a Torana colour), and "monza red". It might be worth trying various paint samples to get the colour match correct before committing to anything - if anyone identifies the colours better, please just contact me.



The rims are all Sunraysia style. See the black interceptor replica page for some more information.


Roof Lights

Sam Costanzo has found a company in the USA called Petersons, who seem to be making the exact same style of light as is seen on Max's car. Check the comparison pictures below, even the red manufacturers tag on the side is the same.

Peterson's Light

Picture taken from the film of the lights on the original car

Picture of Peterson's lights on Sam's car

Please check the black interceptor replica page for some more pictures, and full contact info for Petersons.

Sam also tracked the source of the single blue lights used on March Hare and Big Bopper - they are apparently not the same as the blue light used in the black interceptor. The original lights were made by Hella, and Sam believes they were the "Classic Style", but he recently discovered that this style is now discontinued. The current catalogue seems to refer to the previous style as the "earlier KL7 series lamps", and notes that "the difference between the old style and new ones are the reflector and lamp, and the height of the lens".

Hella still make similar lights, the closest match Sam has found is the KLJ80 series. Yellow lights, as pictured below, are part number 1768. The Hella catalogue lists this light as also being available in blue and red.

Hella KLJ80 light

Hella can be found online at, the list price for the above light is $350 (Australian).

Odds and Ends

The roof console is obviously a custom item.  A couple of people have been building replicas of these, please see the radio consoles page for some further info.

For MFP insignia's, see the badges and logos page.


Thanks to:
Sam Costanzo, Scott Smith, Roger Roberts, Kieron Murphy,
Grant Hodgson, Gordon Hayes, and Grame Row.


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