For a while this section is going to be a "work in progress". People have been after the fairings for the bikes for a long time, and up until now there has been virtually zero information available. Of course most people know of the Whitehouse replicas (who don't seem to sell outside of Japan), but that has been about it. Finally now though a few guys are making some breakthroughs in this area, and hopefully I'll be able to document what is going on more or less as it happens.

Goose's Bike

The most readily available Goose bike style fairing is the one from Replico in South Australia. Below is a picture of the fairing they can supply:

Note that the Replico fairing is NOT the exact same design as the Mad Max fairing. It is however obviously very close, and is probably only 2 or 3 generations away at the most. I am currently attempting to get a more precise ID on the design they have. David Hilder sent me a scan of the November 2002 Replico catalogue, including prices, which can be found online here. You can also find the fairing at the Replico Fairings web site - click on Showcase, and then select Fairings 2, you will see the blue fairing leaning against the tree at the back. Some more pictures of the fairing can be seen on Mike Acebo's bike in the fan cars section.

The other La Parisienne fairing I currently know of is owned by Allan Davidson:

Take a close look at the fairing pictured above, and then the picture of the original bike directly below. Allan does indeed have an original La Parisienne fairing, but once again it is not 100% identical to the movie fairing. It is incredibly close though, basically Allan's fairing is the "Hurricane", which was the third in the La Parisienne series (there was the original Goose fairing, a variation on that, and then the Hurricane).

Note that Allan's project is currently FOR SALE - please see the sub-page, and email Allan directly for any further information.

Allan also appears to have found the seat as well, pictured below.

A final note, if you're after vintage parts for a Kawasaki 900 / 1000, I'm informed that a lot of replica parts are now available in Japan, where the bikes are still popular. Try sending an email over to George Harrod, an Australian currently running an export business out of Japan dealing in exactly all this kind of stuff. If anyone knows of any other good sources for items, let me know, and I'll list them here too.


Other Bikes

The fairing below was sent by Mike, and is apparently fairly similar to those on the bikes of Johnny The Boy and his friends. I don't know much more about this one currently.


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