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Mad Max Interceptor from Model Roundup

It is important to point out to any potential buyers that this kit is a custom kit, meaning that you'll still need to customise some parts / steal them from other kits to complete the model.  Jack from Model Roundup was under the impression that a few people contacting him didn't fully realise what was involved, and has asked me to convey the following information.

The kits are made one at a time out of resin plastic, and are somewhat crude. They are only recommended for very experienced modelers, these kits are by no means intended for the general mass market. The kit does not include any chroming, tires or axles. Chrome effect (mainly for the engine blower on the front of the car) can be achieved with silver paint or special chroming foil. Tires and axles must be donated from another 1/25 scale kit. Model Roundup only recommend this kit for experienced modelers with a background in resin plastic. In the hands of an experienced modeler it can be crafted into a beautiful MM replica of the 2 door Austalian Falcon Pro street. It is in fact a very accurate replica, but should be regarded as a "diamond in the rough".

The cost of the kit is $55.00. The kit is a special order item and is not listed on the model roundup web site, but is in their hardcopy catalog. People needing more information on ordering may visit the web site at or email Jack Hodgkins at, Jack is the owner of Model Roundup.


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