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Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit

Carlos Pina was one of the first people I knew who bought and built this kit, and offered the following information on the assembly of the kit:

"As for the model, the only parts I used from the actual kit are the body, the tail-lights, the blower, the interior, and well thats about it. I added the chassis which came from a Ford Explorer here in the U.S., the chassis was cut back a bit to accomodate for the length of the Falcon, the leaf srpings and front assembly are also borrowed from the Explorer, the tires are BF Goodrich, which I purchased at a local hobby shop. I actually bought them out of stock so i dont know if they have got any more, but I am sure you can find them in almost any hobby shop, although the first one I tried didn't have them. The wheels are from a NASCAR racecar. The sidepipes were borrowed from a model kit which I also got from Model Roundup (the name of the model kit is FASTBUCK), and yes, the only reason i got it was for the sidepipes. I also added the blue police light, you cannot see it too well in the photographs but its there. The sideview mirror is borrowed from the ALTERNOMAD, which I also got at Model Roundup, but i think almost any mirror from an late 70's trans am or camaro will work. The paint is jet gloss black, and the RAM AIR scoop is painted flat black, as in the movie. I also did my best to recreate the MFP emblem on the side."

Below are some pictures of a completed kit, sent by Carlos Pina:

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit, assembled with box

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit, assembled, close up front view

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit, assembled, right side view

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit, assembled, rear view
Thanks to Carlos Pina for these pics of his completed model.

David Giovannini also sent me the following (excellent) run down on what is required to assemble the kit:

"You were right about it being for the experienced modeler. To give you some info on the model, it only comes with 18 parts: body, frame, main interior, 2 seats, steering wheel, blower + pulley, radiator, MFP radio, 2 rear lights, dashboard, 4 tire rims (that are inaccurate), and 2 exhaust sets. Also, the windshield (or, as you say, windscreen) and the rear window. But neither of these fit and I will be making my own.  The only parts of the model that I will actually be using are the main body, frame interior, seats, the blower, radiator, MFP radio, and the dashboard.  The rest of the parts can be found in other kits or from a leftover parts box, which an experienced modeler may have.  The whole model fits together very poorly, and you will need a penknife to shape the parts.  The model is made of resin, I think.  This is bad because Enamel paints will dry on it very slowly and it is much easier to use Acrylic paints.  That is no big deal, but it means that you will be unable to use Acrylic spray paint for the main body, and it has to be painted with a brush.  The parts that the model doesn't come with are: the engine, rear wheel wells, the rear seat, the gas tank, the gas cap, tires, transmission, drive shaft, suspension, exhaust pipes, side view mirror, rear view mirror, headlights, and mufflers.  If you want to make the model with these parts, I recommend buying a 1/25th  scale '70 Monte Carlo for use as parts.  This model will supply you with all but the engine, gas tank, windows, and tires.  Use wire cutters to cut out and shape the wheel wells and rear seat.  Also, buy a '73 Duster.  It comes with good fitting windows (they still must be sanded a little) and a well fitting gas tank.  For the engine, go to a hobby store and look in the model car section.  Some stores carry spare parts, and one such item is a Ford 427 ci engine with blower.  It fits perfectly.  The only modification is cutting off the top part of the pulley so the blower part fits.  You will also need to find matching rims and tires, which can be found in the same place in the store.  Also, buy some "raw material" such as small plastic pipes for the main exhaust pipes.  For the headlights and lower lights, you will have to cut out the opaque coverings that it comes with and cut some clear plastic to fit in. Finally, I recommend using crazy glue for the whole model.  Regular plastic glue doesn't hold as well on resin."

Steve Montgomery has also built the kit, and offered the following information on where to find some of the required parts:

"I was having a problem getting the interior and bottom to work. I then stumbled upon your web page and found you had the same problem and said these parts could not be used. Since then a friend of mine gave me a 1972 Mustang Mach 1 model by MPC in 1981. Its really errie, every thing fits perfectly! I can't help but think this model was used in the making of the Interceptor model. Not only the fact that the seats are identical in both kits, but the mounting tab in the rear of interior is a perfect fit. On the bottom only the wheel base has to be modified. Then yesterday while in a model shop I found the perfect engine, and get this, it includes the side pipes needed! Which are exact! It is a Revel "Parts Paks" #85-7254, UPC#03144507254. It includes an assistance number 1-800-833-3570 USA. Which could be used to track down this much needed item. I will be cutting out the hood and the blower hole and using this engine and blower (except scoop). I will then separate the scoop from the original blower and have it sent off to be chromed by Chrome Tech USA 2314 Ravenswood Rd. Madison, Wisconsin 53711. 1-608-274-9811. I have included pics of all items I have described. I scanned one of the pipes upside down to show detail."

Below are the pictures of the parts that Steve sent:

Revell / Monogram, Ford 427ci V8 Engine Box FrontRevell / Monogram, Ford 427ci V8 Engine Box Back

TNT Mad Max Interceptor parts, interior and bottom

TNT Mad Max Interceptor side exhaust parts

The January 2000 issue of Scale Auto Enthusiast also featured a brief article on Mad Max kits, click on the thumbnail of the page below to see the full article.

Mad Max Interceptor Kit in Scale Auto Enthusiast, January 2000


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