Aoshima Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit

Released in 2003, this 1/24 scale kit is a lot more "mainstream" than many of the other kits that have come before. It is a plastic kit, with heaps of detail and extras - see below for pictures of the parts, decals, and so on.

There was also a Limited Edition version of this kit, which as best as I can tell was only different to the standard kit in that it contained a metal blower. You can see the different box cover for this one pictured below, and also see the Aoshima Mad Max Interceptor Kit page over at Mad Max Models for some additional information on this one.

The kit was subsequently re-released in 2008 as a "Version 2", advertised as having "New Parts". Unfortunately I don't own the kits to do a side by side comparison, but from the pictures I've seen it appears that there is more interior detail on the new kit. Note again that this version was released as a standard edition, and an alternate edition "with dog". The box picture on the left below is the regular kit, the box on the right is the "with dog" kit.

At the time of release, these kits were on sale through the regular outlets like Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search. At this point, I believe these outlets are now sold out, so your best bet is somewhere like ebay. Hobby Search do still have the kit information pages online, which contain some further images for the contents on some of the kits. You can find the listings for each of the respective kits as follows:

Mad Max The Road Warrior Interceptor (note that the release date here shows 2007, I'm assuming the kit was restocked at some point. The pics above on this page of this kit box and contents were taken in late 2003).

Interceptor II Limited Edition (the kit with the metal blower)

The Road Warrior Mad Max 2 Interceptor Version 2 (The "New Parts" kit)

The Road Warrior Mad Max 2 Interceptor Version 2 with Dog (I believe dog is also metal, as per the blower in the first limited edition kit)



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