Mad Max Model Kits
Mad Max Interceptor Model Kits and other Vehicles

As far as I know, there have never been any officially licensed model kits for any vehicles from the Mad Max films. Below is a selection of models available that are either direct copies of some of the Mad Max vehicles, or models for the original Australian cars themselves.

Mad Max Interceptor Kits

There have been quite a few Mad Max Interceptor model kits, of varying quality and detail. Basically they have improved over the years, and the more recent kits have been better detailed and easier to build than the initial offerings early on. See the Interceptor model kit sub-page for some further info.


Radio Controlled Mad Max Interceptor

Released in 2002 as the Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Interceptor (picutred left), and also as a weathered version. See the  Mad Max Radio Controlled Interceptor sub-page for further info.


Other Vehicle Kits

So far I have seen model kits of the yellow interceptor, and Max's panel van. Check the sub page on these other kits for further information.


Diecast Models

The most well known company in this area is Biante, who have been making some fantastic die cast models of Australian cars, including the XB and XC coupes, all officially licensed. In addition to this, Dinkum Classics have also made a good job of their custom interceptor (unlicensed as far as I know). See the die cast sub-page for some additional info.


Aussie Car Kits

Unfortunately there still seems to be a distinct lack of model kits for any of the XA, XB or XC coupes and sedans that made the Mad Max films so popular. You can however obtain kits for some of the other vehicles used, such as Monaros, Toranas and so on. See the Australian car kit sub-page for some further info.


Older Japanese Kits

It has been rumoured for a long time that there was a Japanese kit of the Interceptor, released around the time of the films' release. I have never been able to locate any evidence of any such kit, however the "Mad Police" kit series does seem to come close. See the sub-page on Japanese kits for some further info. There are of course newer Mad Max Interecptor kits from Japan that have been produced, which are more or less official - see above.


MicroSizers / Bit Char-G

MicroSizers, also known as Bit Char-G in Japan, seem to be a new toy - and I don't know a lot about them. But clearly there is an Interceptor model available, check out the sub-page for further info.


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