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Please don't ask for copies of any of the older magazines below, I don't know of any sources to obtain them. The best place to try would obviously be the back issues department of the respective magazines. Note that I have actually tried to obtain back issues from Street Machine directly on several occasions, and have had zero success. The same goes for other people I know who have tried. If anyone does know where any of these magazines can be obtained, please let me know and I'll post it on the page.



Street Machine October-November 1985

"The Interceptor Lives!" - Article on the restored Mad Max Interceptor, pages 18, 19, 20 & 21.

Street Machine July-August 1986

Article on John Zeigler's ute - the same one seen at the start of Mad Max. Pages 72, 73, 74 & 75.


Street Machine Hot Fords No. 1 (1987).

Basically a reworking of the October-November 1985 Mad Max Interceptor article, on pages 46-49.

Thanks to Doug McQuillin for the cover pic and Brianesff for the article pics.

Street Machine September 1994

Article on Michael Rennie's MFP Interceptor, pages 34, 35, 36 & 37.

For some more info on this car, visit the Real or Replica sub-page.

  Street Machine September 1998

Article on Steve Nicols' Yellow Pursuit Replica, see the Real or Replica page for some further info.

Street Machine December 2000

Article on John Taverna's delivery of Mark Scarselli's XB GT from Australia to New York. Also features LAST-V8 with some of the other Mad Max fans. Pages 62-68. 

Street Machine July 2001, 20th Anniversary

Features the top 20 cars of the past 20 years, the interceptor makes it in as an "honorable mention" on page 75. Also includes an A3 pull out poster of all the covers.

Close up of the Interceptor cover
Street Machine September 2001

Welcome to Wherever You Are video review on page 124.

Street Machine February 2002

Article on the Street Machine Mad Max Drive-In night, pages 90-91.

Street Machine June 2002

Mad Max article on page 6, talking mainly about Mad Max 4, with a brief mention of Back 2 The Max (and the promise of more to come!)

Street Machine November 2002

Features Back 2 The Max coverage on pages 44 to 49.

Street Machine September 2003

Features an article on the Ford 100th Anniversary celebrations, which included many of the fan owned US based XA - XCs.

Street Machine March 2004

Features an article on, and, well, me. Pages 28 to 29.

Street Machine September 2005

"How to Build a Mad Max Interceptor Replica" - Features a good article on Gordon Hayes' build up of a Mad Max 2 replica for Japan, pages 72 to 78.

Street Machine August 2008

"The Fall Guy" - Interview with Mad Max stunt man / stunt coordinator Grant Page, pages 32 to 34.

Street Machine December 2008

"Max Factor" - Run down in the news section on the Mad Max 30th Anniversary Back 2 The Max event in Little River, October 2008, pages 10 and 11.

Street Machine Ford Legends II, May 2010
Featuring the Mad Max Interceptor - as well as the cover photo of course! Basically a reprint / update to the Oct-Nov 1985 Street Machine story - nice to see it in print and all glossy again!
Street Machine November 2010
Street Machine concept drawings of the Fury Road vehicles, based on rumours floating around on what is being built... Pages 10 and 11.
Street Machine January 2011
Featuring a new photo of one of the Fury Road vehicles - see the reader's section on page 37. Troy Keyes' Mad Max Panel Van is also featured in the reader cars section of this issue - see page 133.

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Performance Ford

Volume 3 Edition 3 (June 2003)

Article on the Back 2 The Max vehicles and documentary, pages 39 to 42, plus a centrespread of the Back 2 The Max Landau on 2 wheels!

Volume 3 Edition 6 (December 2003)

Feature on Mark Scarselli's blown Mad Max interceptor, pages 93 to 95.


Australian Muscle Car
Issue 1
Issue 3  
Issue 9

Article on the Ford 100th Anniversary.



  November 2001
(October 10 - November 6)

Article on Peter Arcadipane, the designer of the original Mad Max black interceptor, on pages 28-31. Also see the building a replica car section for some more information on Peter.

July 2003

Article on the Ford 100th Anniversary get together.
December 2007 / Issue 281

The December 2007 / January 2008 issue of Unique Cars features the cover story "MAX Factor", on the legendary Mad Max Interceptor...
November 2008 / Issue 292

Coverage of the Mad Max 30th Anniversary Reunion at Little River, page 18.
November 2010 / Issue 318

Article on Scott's 1975 XB Falcon "Mad Max" Coupe, page 125.


November 1986

Article on the restored Interceptor, pages 61, 62 & 63.

Basically a re-layout of the October-November 1985 Street Machine article, seen above.

February 1987

Letter in readers letters on page 8, making various claims on the engine used in the black interceptor. See the Phase IV Machine letter sub-page for more info.

April 2002

Popular Hot Rodding features a letter from Rod Horner on page 8 of the April 2002 issue. You can see further info on Rod's car in the fan cars section.

  February 2004

Popular Hot Rodding featured an article on Jim Martino's Mad Max Interceptor Replica. You can read the article online here. If anyone has the physical magazine feel free to send me some pics of the cover, etc - I don't have this one.



April 2001 (Vol.24 No.3)

Interview with Dennis Williams, the truck stunt driver for Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Pages 26, 27, 28 & 29.

I picked up some extra copies of this for people when it was available, and I still have some left - see the magazines for sale section for more info.

Classic Truck Issue 6

This magazine is a Truckin' Life Special Edition / compilation, and basically contains a complete reprint of the article above, on pages 56 to 59.



Top Gear
April 2004

Article on the 25th anniversary of Mad Max, pages 53 to 57.



Top Gear
April 2011

"Mad Max's New Car" - Top Gear Australia and Ford have dreamed up some modern day concepts for the Mad Max Interceptor. See the full article on pages 101 to 109.



March-April 2000

Article on Gordon Hayes' and Grant Hodgson's replica cars, pages 26 to 35.

Dec-Jan 2001

Article on the Mad Max Mythology documentary, Welcome To Wherever You Are,  pages 36 to 41.

Street Heat Best V8s No 8 (2002)

Reprint of the March-April 2000 Street Heat article.

Ford Power No 7 (2002)

Reprint of the March-April 2000 Street Heat article on pages 36-45.




July 2001 (No.121)

Mad Max replica article, pages 38 to 41. Also see the "Muscle Car Connection" ad on page 227.


October 2001

Article on Australian Fords, including an interceptor replica and the cars of several other US fans, pages 58 & 59.


December 2001

Article on Mark Scarselli's (Mad Max fan) XB Coupe, pages 58, 59 & 60.

Expanded coverage can be found online at their web site, along with additional pictures.



CARtoons apparently featured a few Mad Max type articles, although I don't currently have any exact details (the cover on the left may not even contain the article on the right!)

If anyone can provide some more precise issue details please let me know, in the mean time you may wish to visit the CARtoons web site.

Thanks to Eugene Jung for his help on this.



April 2002

Interceptor Article, which appears to be a reprint of the March-April 2000 Street Heat article detailed above.

See for further info.



December 2010

"Blast of the V8 Interceptors", FPV's Supercharged V8 GT side by side with the Mad Max Interceptor (Adrian Bennet, Mad Max Museum, Silverton), pages 40 to 48.

Also a good article on Rare Spares, pages 98 to 104.



If the page numbers are listed as ??, I have no detailed information on the article. If you are able to assist with further information, or know of articles in any magazines that are not listed, please contact me.


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