MFP Badges & Logos

Below are the cleanest / crispest images of the original MFP badges and logos that I have been able to locate. If you are aware of any better available original images, please let me know.


Uniform Badges

Firstly there are the MFP uniform badges. Although not crisp, the images are still good enough to make out the required details. On the right I've shown the photo the images were taken from, so if you've got other still photos showing the badges that I don't seem to have, feel free to scan and send them.

MFP Jacket Badge Close Up

MFP Badge Costume Reference

MFP Jacket Badge Close Up

MFP Badge Costume Reference

MFP Badge "Maintain Right" In Detail

MFP Badge Costume Reference


Below are some photographs submitted to me of replica badges (see the props and costumes section for some more info on the companies that are / were selling these). Note that these seem basically OK, except maybe the wings on top.

Replica MFP Badge  Replica MFP Badge


Car Badges

Now for some images of the car logos. Note that unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of these at all. You would be advised to view the film in addition to looking at these pictures, to pick up a few more details. If anyone has a cleaner image of one of the logos on the cars, PLEASE send it to me!

Note that the logos on the cars in the film were all stuck on magnetically, hence being in different places in some scenes, and sometimes not on at all. As far as the design goes, to me it looks pretty much like it is supposed to be a 2-dimensional version of the uniform badges pictured above.

MFP Car Badge 

MFP Car Badge Reference


Below are some badges which have been created by various people who have been building replica cars.

Firstly, Steve Pilant's badges. Steve ended up refining these quite a bit, and had his final designs professionally cut out at a graphics company. He still has all of the original computer files that were used to produce these, and if you send Steve an email he'll be happy to help people out. Currently he is having some made up to sell in sets of 3 for USD$75 a set. The badges will have the wording "MFP", "INTERCEPTOR" and "MAIN FORCE PATROL", with the possibility of custom wording.

Replica MFP Car Badges / Decals

Replica MFP Car Badges and DOBROS gauge
Steve Pilant's badge design

Replica MFP Car Badges on a Mustang Mach 1
Steve Pilant's finished badges on a car. Also see Steve's web page.


Replica MFP Car Badge / Decal
Marke Kemp's badge design

Replica MFP Car Badge on Replica Mad Max Interceptor
Marke Kemp's finished badge


Replica MFP Car Badge / Decal 

Replica MFP Car Badge on Mad Max Interceptor

Gordon Hayes' finished badge. These are also for sale, see Gordon's web page.


For some final pictures of some replica logos (and these ones are also for sale if you want to buy a pair), check out


Thanks to Gordon Hayes, Steve Pilant and Marke Kemp for their logos.

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