The History Of The Mad Max Interceptor
Part 2 - The Road Warrior

Mad Max Interceptor - Opening chase from the Road Warrior, flanked by the Landau and Wez


In the mean time, this low budget Australian film had gained worldwide success, prompting a sequel. The black interceptor was acquired back by Kennedy Miller for use once more.


Mad Max Interceptor with Mel Gibson - Set of Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior


The blower and pipes were put back, although different to the originals, along with changing the rear wheels. The car was further modified to fit the setting of the new film, with large gas tanks fitted in the back, and its general appearance given a more used and stressed look.


Mad Max Interceptor - The second interceptor in preparation for Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior
In preparation for Mad Max 2, thanks again to Bill Cooper.

The front end was also modified by removing the bottom section, probably to give more clearance at the front in the outback locations it was required to be driven in for the second film.

Mad Max Interceptor with camera rig attached to the car, from the opening chase sequence to The Road Warrior


In addition to modifying the original car, a duplicate car was also put together for Mad Max 2. It seems that the duplicate car was used for most of the driving sequences, while the original car was used for all the close ups and interior shots.


Mad Max Interceptor with Mel Gibson


When eventually the story required for the black interceptor to be destroyed in a spectacular crash and burn up sequence, the duplicate car was used, leaving the original more or less intact. However, its use for the filmmakers was over, and the car was collected by a used metal dealer from Broken Hill for scrap, along with several other vehicles from the film, and destined to be destroyed for ever. Or was it...?


Mad Max Interceptor after crash sequence in The Road Warrior / Mad Max 2


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