The Car is a 1973 XA Ford Falcon Coupe. It was imported to the USA by Mad Max Cars (who have also had a hand in many of the replica modifications), and arrived painted white with GT style striping (the factory color was Plum). The car interior is black and white velour, with GT door and quarter trims.

The engine when the car arrived was a 302 ci. Cleveland V8, recently converted to a 351C (the car was a 6 cylinder from the factory). Auto transmission, power steering, dual exhaust (functional zoomies with flowmasters), front bucket seats, center console GT dash with tach/clock, air conditioning, GT Chrome 12 slot wheels (now black powder coated) with new tyres, and front suspension rebuilt 6 months prior to shipment to the US.



Now this beautifully restored XA coupe is one of the Maruaders vehicles from Humungus's gang in Mad Max 2 "The RoadWarrior". By all reports, this is the first "Red XA Bat" replica EVER built (with much respect to the "Black XC Bat" from Back 2 the Max). The as yet unfinished Red XA Bat "Prototype", was in such high demand for public appearance that (To much praise and acclaim), the owner decided to unveil it as it was (witohut even complete airbrushing on the front fenders), at Roadwar NW 2007. What an awesome place to premiere your new replica! A local area newspaper even snuck "Paparazzi" style shots of it under construction before the event, unknown to the owner or Mad Max Cars, and posted them in an article with amusingly incorrect information about the car. See Mad Max Cars' "News" area for more information. This was still an early stage in the recreation of the famed "Wipeout" XA from Mad Max 2:The RoadWarrior, and it has had a lot of upgrades since, and like any project still more that needed to be taken care of. However it gets closer to "Done" with each passing event it attends and as now been to all of the annual Roadwar NW since 2007, as well as numerous local and regional events.



Information and photos supplied by Dee, May 2010.

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