June 2002

This car is currently for sale (July 2002). If you are interested, then send an offer off to Rod Horner.

The car has been sold - the new owner's details have not been made public currently, I will post updated contact information here if I receive it. 

The car has a 460 with a C-6 auto tranny 9" inch rearend and 4-wheel disc brakes. The car is in perfect working order, Rod is selling due to time and garage space limits. Below are some current pictures of the car.

In the following section are some further pictures and info on the car, these pictures are about a year old now.

June / July 2001

Rod's car at the Cars at Carlisle show, June 2001

Rod Horner sent the following information about the car:

"I started with an Advanced spoilers kit, kept the nose and threw the rest of
the kit out. The quality was very poor and the roof and trunk spoilers were incorrect as were the front and rear flares, basically other than the very front of the nose the rest of the car was hand shaped and built by myself and a friend. We spent approximately 1000 hours to do the car.

My friend Kevin Hensley and I are going to start a side business making these cars from customer cars if there is enough interest taking moulds directly from my car.

The engine in my car is a 460 with a C-6 Auto tranny. It also has the limited slip rear axle.

The car is driven on the street at least twice a week and I plan to take it to the Street Machine Nationals here in Indianapolis at the end of June (2001)."

Below are some more pictures of Rod's car from July 2001, now with the zoomies hooked up!

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