Paul Miller's 302 V-8 equipped 1974 Ford Falcon Mad Max Replica Pursuit Special was built to represent the Interceptor in a mid-way point between "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior". The car still has the body panels and trunk intact but is now rigged with a bomb, machete, and carrying a case of dog food. Assuming Max would start arming himself with weaponry for his sojourn into the wasteland, the car is also detailed with items not seen in either film.

Custom Interior includes:

  • diamond plate "armor" floor mats and door sills

  • brushed aluminum details

  • aircraft safety switches operate emergency lights, LED equipped radio, radiator fans and siren.

  • Max's family in stearing wheel hub

  • Brushed aluminum racing pedals

  • MFP logo book

  • Max's leather jacket

  • Max's shotgun

Custom Exterior Details include:

  • Modified MFP graphics

  • 3-D MFP Badge below boot lid

  • Police strobes rigged in headlights

  • Bomb and Machete rigged beneath car

Custom Trunk Details include:

  • Dinki Di dog food box and cans

  • 50 caliber machine gun

  • 2 grenades

  • Ammo boxes and belts

  • Tire iron

  • fuel can

  • gun belt and pistol


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