FOR SALE  SOLD!: Marke's car has been sold to a new owner, whose contact details I do not know... (last updated January 2002)

Marke's car is not intended to be an exact clone, but it's still intended as close as he could get by doing all of the work himself and with limited budget - including constructing his own nose and roof spoiler. The nose itself took him about 3 months of weekends to construct, and the roof spoiler took an additional month. All up the build process has taken around 2 years, although Marke has been collecting the bits and pieces for almost 10 years!

How does it run? The car's specifications are as follows:

  • Cleveland 351, V8, 4V heads

  • 650 4 barrel Holley

  • Mallory Twin Point

  • C4 Automatic

  • 9 inch diff

Anyone who wants to talk further with Marke about his car should simply send him an email at Below are a few more pictures showing the car earlier on in the build process.

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