This is it, the first actual blown replica. Rather than faking the blower setup as was done for the movie car and all other subsequent replicas, Mark has instead opted to build an actual 600HP engine, as the fictional movie car was meant to be! Note that the car as shown below is still not yet complete, there is more work to be done, including a replacement scoop that fits closer with the look of the film car. Note that the pictures below are shown in reverse order (i.e. newest pictures first, from September 2003, and then dating back to older photos of the car).

Updated Engine Photos from September 5th, 2003.

Some interior shots, September 1st, 2003.

Some exterior shots from August 26th, 2003.

Update from August 22nd, 2003.

The first batch of photos, posted August 19th, 2003.

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