Mad Max Fan Cars
Bob Hartwig's (formerly Gordon Hayes') Replica Interceptor

Photos of Kraig Cummin's General Lee (an original from the show), parked with Bob Hartwig's Interceptor (May 2002).


The following two photos were taken around the time Gordon was doing a video shoot with this car (sometime in 2000?). I don't have any information on this currently, but I'm sure it will be formally announced when it is available. 

The remaining info and pictures are mostly from 1999 and earlier, and obviously some of the information is now out of date. I don't have all the current information on this car myself - I will update this page when new info is available. In the mean time, you can also email Gordon directly, visit Gordon's web page and visit his parts web page.

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Gordon's work in progress so far...

Here is a run down on Gordon's work so far:

Engine Specifications...

  • 351 cubic inch ... 8 cylinders in "V" formation.
  • Approx power output @400 HP.
  • Max speed @250-260 KPH / 155-160 mph.
  • Engine Block over bored 30 thou.
  • Edelbrock dual plain inlet manifold.
  • Carter 750 CFM competition carburetor.
  • 4V heads.
  • Manley valve guides, and valve spring seats.
  • Crane Roller Rockers.
  • True Roller timing chain.
  • Ford twin point distributor.
  • 10 mm silicone plug leads
  • ACL pistons with HP rings.
  • Holley 110 GPH fuel pump.
  • M/T valve covers.
  • High flow 2H camshaft. (power 2600 to 6500 rpm)
  • High volume 7 lt sump with crank scraper and windage tray.
  • Twin plate clutch.
  • Toploader gear box.
  • Ford 9 inch diff.

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And the rest...

  • Rear wheels 15 X 10 steel Speedway, "Apache" style.
  • Front wheels 14 X 8 steel Speedway, "Apache" style.
  • Wheels custom made with specific offset, (to suit coupe).
  • Rear tyres, BF Goodrich T/A radials, 295-50-15.
  • Front tyres, BF Goodrich T/A radials, 265-50-14.
  • Front springs by Pedders.
  • Front shocks by KONI.
  • Rear shocks by KONI   
  • Road Hug 22mm front stabilizer bar.
  • Road Hug 19mm Rear stabilizer bar.
  • Mr Gasket Bug catcher.
  • HM headers to "Midas" custom 2 X dual outlet exhaust.
  • Custom headlight covers.
  • Roll cage (6 point) by Melbourne Motor sport. (Nigel Letty).
  • Willians Full harness seat belts.
  • Reproduction MFP decals supplied courtesy of Grant Hodgson.
  • Roof Spoiler from original mould, installed in 1982 by Errol Platt "Custom Fibreglass" in Dandenong Victoria.
  • Other advice on authentic reproduction also from Errol Platt.
  • Suspension running approx 2 inches lower at the rear and approx 3.5 inches lower at the front.


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Modifications to yet arrive...

  • Similar supercharger system to operate.
  • Ford GT side flutes? Mudgard Flares?
  • Electronic Distributor.
  • L.S.D. differential.
  • Interior Roof console.

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For more pictures on Gordon's car, check the story so far for some "in progress" build up pictures. 

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