The pictures below are all from the Carlisle PA Ford show, June 2001, and were sent to me by various people who attended the show. You might also be interested in the Mad Max article that was posted at the Carlisle Media Site, and also check out the main Cars At Carlisle page itself,

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Photos by Evan Maxwell

Falcons of Mark Scarselli (yellow XB coupe), Terry James (red coupe) and Rod Horner (black Interceptor).


Photos by Mark Scarselli

Events magazine for the show

On the left, an XB GT with the "Last US Falcon". A '70 1/2.
On the right, with a yellow '70 Torino Cobra Jet.

Rod Horner's Interceptor was only completed in body. The exhaust & interior is yet to be completed. He rushed it for the show.

Group photo, from L to R:
Terry James, Mark Scarselli (sitting), Rod Horner, Tom Nuss, Randy Newman (Anklecranker), John Flannery, Evan Maxwell, Mad Maxwell, and Troy Goodno.

Mark's car with Rod's Interceptor behind it,
making it look like it has a blower on it.


Photos by Rich Nagle

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