Mad Max Fan Cars
"Car 17" Replica Interceptor

This car was found on display at the 5th Annual Rocky Mountain Rod and Custom Car Show, November 26-27, 2001.

The owner, Rich Barnes, was apparently telling people that it was "without a doubt one of the actual backup Interceptors used in Mad Max". He claims that he bought it from a member of the production crew, and he even claims that he has all the documentation to prove its authenticity. According to the owner, each backup car supposedly had its own individual number, and as part of the "proof" he pointed out the number 17 that was scratched on the dashboard. He also claimed to own the "number 13" Falcon which was unmodified. He was aware of the real car in the UK, but asserted that was the "number 5" car. He also had a For Sale sign on the windshield - for US$55,000.

Obviously the car is a replica - there were only ever two production cars. You can see the History Of The Interceptor and the Myths and Facts page for more information on that. The original Interceptor is most definitely the car on display at the Dezer Collection in Florida (formerly displayed at Cars Of The Stars in the UK), and the burnt out shell that remains of the second interceptor is still in Broken Hill. See for some additional pictures of the wrecked stunt car in the gallery.


And for anyone still unsure about the authenticity of the above car, here are some pictures of it at an LA Shipping Yard in November 2000. Strange how it looks like just another dirty old XC, and not an original Mad Max production vehicle..

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