This car was originally the work of Steve Pilant, who did a lot of running around and spent a large amount of money tracking down a lot of the parts that others are now using in their replica interceptors. Unfortunately after the car was mostly complete, Steve found it necessary to sell it due to financial reasons. Like a couple of the people who built cars, Steve also found that the main interest in the project for him had been during the actual researching and building of the car, and not necessarily the owning and driving of it afterwards. You can find much of Steve's research referenced on various pages in the Building A Replica Car section.

Bill Brown is the new owner of the car, having purchased it from Steve in late 2000. Bill is almost done with the Interceptor, he has only have the zoomies left to do. There are a lot more photos posted in his club on yahoo called "Mad Max Replica Cars". You can find it at

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