Mad Max Fan Cars
Adrian Sandell - SIDS and Kids Qld Trek Replica Interceptor

My wife and I are big Mad Max fans and have re-traced the film locations from the first two movies in a memorable trip from Brisbane to Melbourne via Broken Hill and Geelong back in 2001.

I have been restoring an XA Fairmont hardtop for the past 19 years and the XB hardtop was a $500.00 spare parts car bought for that project. At the insistence of my wife the XB was turned into an Interceptor replica to enter in the SIDS and Kids bash.

The car was put together with the assistance of a work colleague, Dave 'the Goose' Lees, the company Workshop crew and a host of local Gladstone suppliers. To everyone's credit the car performed well and did not get so much as one puncture over the 3,500 km, 9 day event. Our team won a trophy for 'best theme'.

The car runs a 302ci V8 with a 600cfm Holley. The roof spoiler was made out of the rear wing off an EA Falcon! Plastic conduit bends were used as fake side pipes and an imitation blower was made for the bonnet (complete with an electric motor-driven blower). We had arranged for a metal nose cone to be grafted onto a bull bar and even had the XC headlights to go in but unfortunately we ran out of time in the end so that will have to wait til next year.

Next year we hope to get the car to look closer to the original while still retaining those things necessary to keep it as a bash car. We're planning to have more substantial 'zoomies' as the plastic ones did not handle being showered in stones - we finished the trek with only three pipes on each side!

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