Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior (1981)

Production information

Released in the USA as "The Road Warrior".
Colour, dolby stereo, 95 minutes. Original aspect ratio 2.35:1
Music by Brian May
Cost: A$4,000,000 (Mel Gibson paid A$120,000)
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When all that's left is one last chance, pray he's still out there, somewhere...


Different Releases

  • The standard theatrical release of the film is readily available on most formats. To view what's currently available on the DVD version, check out the product listing at Amazon by clicking on the image below.
  • NEW Warner Brothers Special Edition VHS

    Warner Brothers have recently released a special edition version of The Road Warrior on VHS in the US. Note that there are two versions of this tape, a Widescreen version, and a full screen version. The Widescreen version has this marked on the bottom of the front cover, the full screen version has no markings. Below are images of the two covers (thanks to John Hoyt):

    Road Warrior Special Edition Widescreen VHS   Road Warrior Special Edition VHS
    Widescreen on the left, Full screen on the right

    The contents of the tape are as follows:
    - Trailer for Mad Max 2 (same as on Road Warrior DVD)
    - Trailer for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (same as on Thunderdome DVD)
    - Mad Max 2: The Chase Continues, 6 minute behind the scenes documentary, same as on Japanese Mad Max 2 DVD.
    - Introduction by Leonard Maltin (Entertainment Tonight film Critic)
    - The film itself

    Thanks to Steve Pilant, BC Price, and John Hoyt for their help on this.

    Additional Links:
    - A Review by (Mad Max fan) Les Turner:
    - Reviews and purchasing info on Amazon books web site.

    Road Warrior Special Edition ESPN Magazine Ad
    Magazine ad for Road Warrior Special Edition
    Thanks to John Hoyt for this

  • The regular Australian video version contains a few seconds of additional footage where Wez removes the arrow from his arm, and where Wez removes the boomerang from his friends head. This gave the film an <R> rating in Australia, as opposed to its original (M) rating, which is why the footage was originally cut.

Original Australian Mad Max 2 VHS Cover
Cover for the uncensored, <R> rated, Mad Max 2.

  • An extremely censored, television variation of Mad Max 2 was created, and screened sometime in the mid-80's on NBC (USA), and subsequently on Network 10 in Australia. For further information on this, including a listing of all the alternate and additional scenes, please see the Mad Max 2 Edited TV Version sub-page.

  • The Region 2 DVD released in some parts of Europe also contains a very censored version of the film, different again to the censored TV release (it sounds like mainly footage cuts, with nothing additional added). For a run down on what's different in this version, see the Mad Max 2 European DVD sub-page.


Media Promotional Material

  • Making of documentary, "Mad Max 2 - The Chase Continues": 6 minute, behind the scenes featurette, focusing on the stunt work, primarily on the two stunts which resulted in accidents. Available on the US VHS Road Warrior Special Edition, and also on the Japanese Mad Max 2 DVD.

    NOTE: I have been told that a MUCH longer version of this documentary aired on TV in Japan in the early 1980's, just prior to the release of Mad Max 2. If anyone can help out in providing further information on this, please contact me.
  • Video documentary: Featurette which "highlights the dangers and excitement of the spectacular stunt team". Apparently offered in the U.K., running time unknown.  Possibly / probably the same documentary found on the Japanese Mad Max 2 DVD (although I could be wrong, it might also be a longer version).
  • Audio documentary: Featurette produced for radio. Apparently offered in the U.K., running time unknown. (Again, any additional info would be appreciated).
  • Theatrical trailer #1: This trailer features the title "Mad Max 2", and seems fairly early. In the scene with the Humungous his voice is dubbed, it is uncertain if they originally intended to dub this character in the US, as happened with the original Mad Max. Currently available on the U.S. "Road Warrior" DVD release, and also the US Special Edition VHS release. Also available on the Japanese "Mad Max" DVD release. It can also be found online at Movie-List in Quicktime format.
  • Theatrical trailer #2: A later trailer, now using the US title of "The Road Warrior". Apparently not currently available in any official release, but I have it online at this site if you'd like to download it. This was once available on the Japanese laserdisc box set, now long out of print.
  • Theatrical trailer #3: A review style trailer, featuring quotes from various magazines and newspapers. Apparently not currently available in any official release.


Note: I'm constantly looking for any additional promotional material, such as TV interviews, radio interviews, printed matter, etc. Even if you remember an event or article, but don't actually have a copy, some brief info about what you remember would be just as good. I'm hoping to compile together a list of all this reference material, and hopefully one day have it all available online.

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