Road Warrior Styled Vehicles at MGM Studios

(part of Disneyworld, Florida)

Apparently there were once a couple of vehicles on the back lot of MSM Studios in Florida, which is part of Disneyworld,  with a sign in front saying that they were vehicles from The Road Warrior. Here are a couple of pictures I have been sent (taken sometime in 1989), if you have any more please send them over, apparently the cars are no longer on display.

As you can see for yourself, that doesn't really look like any of the Road Warrior vehicles to me. But at least the Blade Runner vehicles seemed to be authentic.

Blade Runner Spinner at MGM Studios
Thanks to Gary for the MGM Studios pictures and info (I've misplaced your last name, please email me, sorry!)


Note also that Universal Studios in Florida has some cars from Road Raiders (NOT Road Warrior), and they can be seen pictured behind the blue car in the photo below.

Thanks to Andoni for this pic


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