Interceptor for sale in the UK

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Re: Interceptor for sale in the UK

Postby mack tanker » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:03 pm

Yes I agree bad wording I meant stuff things items
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Re: Interceptor for sale in the UK

Postby cobra » Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:50 pm

Hi, thanks for your comments, yes we have successfully put cars out there.

Sam, your going to deserve what Gordon wants to do to you after how you treated him. after all he had said and done and helped every one who asked for help or information on anything, you Sam deleted his post,s and pushed with with some bull shit and some not. your jealousy caused it all.

wood screws,maybe but dont remember, the early spoilers we did were bolted on like cobras and some spoiler shops, they used to bolt a piece of wood to the boot lid and then bolt the spoiler to the wood at the back. if we missed cutting a couple of screws, wow and I bet that was the LA car that Tim Allan ended up with?

fibreglass floor hey, yeh I dont think so, I have a mig, and the floor on budget was pretty good, all bolts were in tops of guards, the ones behind the doors may have been missing but its one bolt on either guard. pretty trivial stuff hey. and the kits are not thin, they dont fit well though and customers get told that prior to purchase that they need work on install, we have had one roof spoiler fit perfectly on one car and poorly on 3 others. its not all the spoilers fault.

the rvs radio, one button missing, still looking for the correct button, its better to have a button missing than to have the over sized radio that you have. how your radios are made is quite reasonable, the sound in them is pretty good to, the size well come on Sam after all your so called knowledge and experience around Max cars why are you so blind to see that your radio is well over sized with all the lights an buttons to big?? I have one of yours here Sam, looks good but way to big.

so all in all, a couple of screws, incomplete rvs, a couple of bolts missing and thin fibreglass. oh and dont forget the cracking spoilers on the LA car, due to lack of care from owner leaving a black car in the baking sun in LA. well with about 15 cars out there thats still less than Ford problems in 15 brand new cars!

regards Grant
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