Smegma Crazy Inspired Jeep in the Works

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Smegma Crazy Inspired Jeep in the Works

Postby Modern Wastelander » Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:26 pm

Reading the forums it's apparent inspired by vehicles are considered just fine by the community. That's great news to me. I'm thinking about doing my own little wasteland marauder themed item. This thing is in no way going to be road worthy I'll say that.

So I've got an early 1970s Jeep CJ7 I picked up for a song. Darn thing needs minor engine work, and it's entirely rusted out. Perfect condition for a good modification! So first thing is I'm just screwing various colored pieces of junk metal I've got laying around over the worst rust holes as a start. Then of course comes brackets in the back and sides for jerry cans. I'm thinking about adding rifle scabbards on both sides. The back half is going to have some hoops and a canvas cover put over it, similar to older military vehicles. ... m-715-4x4/ Like this.

So a few potential modifications I'm thinking about. What about taking the factory seats out and bolting in a tractor seat? One of these ... actor-seat. Being in a highly Rural area these things are common as dirt. Maybe just the driver's seat. What do you think? Would it look out of place, or would that modification make sense for some of the bandit groups featured in the movies?

Going along with farm equipment I'm also thinking about putting barbed wire on some parts of the vehicle. Thoughts? I'm also wondering what could be done with the windshield. Adding some sort of steel slat reinforcement on it for decoration, or should I just take it off entirely? It would look nice without windshield or roll bar, but I kind of don't like dieing in a rollover.

One last item. Should I make any engine modifications? Well, probably not true modifications, but fake ones. Pipes, intakes, chargers, and the like. I'm not sure if a Jeep would like right with such contraptions.

I know that's a lot of questions on my part, but I want something that looks "right" you know? Putting together a smegma crazies outfit to go along with it. I know in the movie they were a bit more partial to dune buggies, but I don't have the cash for that.
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Re: So... inspired by is a-ok? Design help needed!

Postby MFP1 » Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:21 pm

Sounds like a AWESOME project. We get quite a few of these 'Inspired' types of vehicles at the Roadwar NW show every year (Reminder its August 31st this year don't miss!).

I always like to start by making sure the underlying vehicle is fairly sound and reliable. Then the mods you are planning all sound good. Just a matter of making them all look good, and good together. I don't like the tractor seat from a drivability standpoint, but it is cool. Just remember the Death Proof Nova though, that was the PASSENGER seat for good reason.
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Re: So... inspired by is a-ok? Design help needed!

Postby Modern Wastelander » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:30 pm

Got it started. A few engine repairs had been done in the past, and after sitting for a couple of months I had to toy with it quite a bit to get it running again. I've found it needs a new fuel filter. All in all there's been about a $100 of parts thrown in it, and we got it in a trade with a value of about $400. Not bad. With crafty trading my cost for the three jerry cans I've bought comes out to $9 total. Might have another $100 in accessories, not sure if I'm repainting it yet or what that would cost, and if I decide to add any furs (a la the smegma crazies) I'd expect a cost of about $100-$120. So totally kitted out we're looking at about $700, probably end up being closer to $800 with your general project nickel and diming. Not bad.

I'd just hosed it down before the pictures. Barn storage = bird droppings. There's no problem using TinyPic around here is there?
Image So here's where I've started.
Image One of the front headlight mounts is busted. This isn't a road vehicle. So, leave it missing a light, or put the light in there and then use metal bands across the top and bottom to strap it in?
Image There's actually a tail gate on this Jeep. That's a spare tire rack in back there that swings out so you can lower the gate. I hate how much space the back seat takes up though. It pretty much renders the storage space in back to about three square feet or so. Not much space to be good for anything but a few gas cans. So I'm wondering, is there any way to put a seat in that takes up less space, or should I eliminate the back seat entirely? I would like to have more than one passenger though. Maybe this is where the tractor seats come in? They take up far less space than a bench seat. Heck, if I mounted them on the wheel wells I could probably fit four in there and still have plenty of storage space! Your thoughts everyone?
Image The rust holes will be patched soon as well as some reinforcement put into the body to hold it all together well. It will be fine for off roading; I just would hate to get in a crash with another vehicle. I'm planning on mounting brackets for NATO standard fuel cans on both sides behind the rear wheel.
Image I've got a large truck mirror from a previous project. Kind of thinking it might find a place replacing one of the little stock Jeep mirrors.

I've decided the back half is going to get a canvas soft top on it. I won't extend it over the full vehicle so I can lower the windshield when I want to without taking off the top. There will be a rifle scabbard on both the driver and passenger side.

I remember there was discussion on the boards a while back on people slapping junk onto a vehicle and calling it Mad Max. That's obviously isn't how it's done and the practice was held as quite contemptible. I'm not breaking that threshold am I? I'm trying to make every modification with the idea of being practical as well as increasing functionality. I've dropped the idea for the barbed wire. Any other suggestions others have?

On a side note, I've got half the smegma crazy outfit assembled to go with this vehicle. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to Roadwar NW this year. Maybe you'll see me at the next one.
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Re: Smegma Crazy Inspired Jeep in the Works

Postby Chase Bansi » Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:37 pm

Keep in mind the axiom of 'form follows function'. Anything you add on needs to have a purpose. If it has a legitimate, logical, reason for being on the vehicle, it will look "right". The problems come when people start adding crap because it looks cool. Other vehicles have been criticized for bizarre concepts (anyone remember the bounty hunter go-go girl cage) that just don't fit into the Mad Max universe. Burning Man is a completely different reality from the Wasteland.

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