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Volunteer for Wasteland Weekend

Postby Karol » Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:37 pm

Planning for Wasteland Weekend 2011 is well under way and tickets will be available soon! In case you missed WW2010 or have been out of the loop, check out photos, videos and a summary of what happened last year on our website: http://www.WastelandWeekend.com.

Although we offer post-apocalypse fans a desert setting, memorable performances and activities, as well as cool decor, we could not offer the current level of entertainment value and atmosphere and services via ticket revenue alone. Wasteland Weekend is also very much a product of the personal contributions of time and talent from post-apocalypse fans like you.

Before we begin selling admission tickets for 2011, we’d like to make sure all of our fans are aware of our volunteer opportunities. We’d also like to make sure you are aware that we are always on the lookout for performers.

You may not have realized that many volunteer positions are on-site positions and can be mostly fulfilled sometime during, or immediately before and after, Wasteland Weekend (i.e. Thursday the 22nd - Sunday the 25th). Click below to see the full list of volunteer positions (please read over the page before contacting us about a position).

With that said, we’d like to take a moment to feature a few positions that are primarily not on-site positions, and are some of the most important in the planning and organization of the event. These are the positions we’d like to fill soon. These are:

* Volunteer Director & Assistant Volunteer Director. Respond to prospective volunteers and maintain a volunteer database. Keep volunteers connected, enthused and informed in the lead-up to the event. Represent the volunteers on-site.
* Production Designer/Set Build Supervisor. Provide creative input and planning for event sets and decor. Supervise the building and placement of sets and decor.
* Public Relations/Marketing Director. Spread the word about Wasteland Weekend by staying in touch with media outlets such as blogs. Help prepare press releases and pay-per-click ad campaigns.
* Pre-event Prop Makers. Use your talents to fabricate props, decor and set pieces, as requested. (Suggestions are also welcome.) Materials will be covered.
* Sponsor Coordinator. Help us contact potential sponsors (experience preferred).
* Co-Entertainment Director. Work with our current director to manage and coordinate performers, oversee stage, keep entertainment on schedule (experience preferred).
* Film Festival Coordinator. Elicit submissions for a small post-apocalyptic film festival featuring independent films. Oversee set-up of tent and projection devices.
* Administrative Assistant. Help the director with a wide variety of organizational tasks, which may include data entry, e-mailing, making calls, writing documents, and graphics - it depends on your skills and knowledge.

As we look into the future and move to make Wasteland Weekend a permanent fixture in the post-apocalyptic scene, we are looking to talk with people who would be willing to volunteer their knowledge of alternative energy solutions (solar, wind, etc), as well as tax and business incorporation experts.

Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page, even if you are already a friend of our Facebook profile. (“Profiles” and “Pages” are two different things on Facebook and we will be closing our profile sometime in the near future). http://www.facebook.com/wastelandweekend

See you in the wasteland!
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