Please add to my Story

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Please add to my Story

Postby mahenoguy » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:08 pm

Hey fellow terminal Crazies
I am starting a new Mad Max 1.5 fiction thread and would like to invite anyone who's interested to contribute to what i'm hoping will be a truly fan based story . Most good screenplays have multiple writers and I will not edit or delete anyones efforts ( Except for obvious Trolls ) . lets see the story take itself where it will ! . As the first contributor , I'm going to start the story after the events of my first fiction " Burn Johnny Burn " , but feel free to push the story in what ever direction you like ............. hope to read you soon !
Nathan .


The Interceptor blasted west along the deserted highway , having run the gauntlet of The Fury Road and coming out the other side relatively unscathed , Max's steely gaze dropped down to his fuel gauge . Only a quarter of a tank stood between mobility and oblivion . The reality of his situation was lost on Max , who was wallowing in the depths of the depravity that was his new life . Whether he died at the hands of the scavengers or starved to death by his fuelless vehicle didn't matter to Max.....His own sense of self preservation clouded by a hateful resolve. The death of all the scags that trolled this asphalt Hell was more important to Max than his own broken life .
Abby's blood spray on the Interceptors windscreen had dried to black flaking smudge , fading from the dashboard but not from Max's soul . The teenagers horrific life and death had given Max a blinding vision of his new world..... so strong as to black out most memories of his old world , A world he wasn't really sure had ever existed if not for his blasted Knee and the roar of the Interceptors engine . Max's Daydream , or rather Day-Mare was shattered as he crested over a hill to see a dog standing in the middle of the road . Reflexes rather than compassion caused him to slam down the Interceptor's brakes , but the sliding car collected the dog in an avalanche of screeching tyres and blue smoke . Max sat for a moment before jumping out to check the Damage . The dying Bitch was still wedged under the Interceptor front end , caught up in the smashed Air-Dam scoop that was now hanging on the road . Max walked around to the Interceptors lid-less trunk and grabbed a tyre lever from the tool box .Reaching under the car , Max dispensed with the doomed animal with a single swift blow before tearing the entire Air-dam off and throwing the shattered fiberglass scoop in the trunk . Max stood scanning the horizon . How had a well fed cattle dog gotten so far into the "Nothing" ? Peering through Abby's binoculars , Max could just make out the top of a windmill and smoke trail raising from behind the dunes a few miles off the highway .
Sitting in the drivers seat , Max contemplated his next move . The gloss black of the Interceptors upper works stood stark contrast to the orange sands that filled the wasteland ......Max needed camoflauge . In an act that would have sickened him only a month earlier , Max rubbed the lifeless carcass of the dog all over the car , then threw handfuls of dust on the wet bloody surfaces turning the interceptor a dirty shade of orange..... and almost invisible against the endless wasteland backdrop .
With a touch of wires , the beast rumbled to life and just as max was about to turn off the highway towards the Mystery encampment , he noticed a small figure standing near the dogs body . At first he thought in was a rat ...... scavenging the highways latest roadkill . As Max stared at the rodent he soon realized it was in-fact a puppy... Pining not scavenging over its mother's lifeless body . As unhinged as Max had become , he couldn't leave the pup to starve....or fall prey to the already circling crows . Grabbing the Tyre Lever again , Max limped towards the yelping puppy . He raised the steel bar above his head but ,as if sensing its fate , the pup suddenly attacked Max's boot , shaking at the boot-straps with all the tenacity of an orphaned son . Max tried to shake off the attack but the little cattle dog refused to let go .
Max tilted his head as watch the young canines futile defense .... he felt a strange connection with him.... a feeling he hadn't felt since wandering into this blighted place.....
Suddenly the puppy was Goose....All the MFP , fighting a futile war against the inevitable ...... the he was Jess and Sprog.....Innocents in a hellish world .... and finally , the little dog was Abby , another orphan at the hands of tyranny .Max shook his head as if to shake off the nightmare vision , reached down and grabbed the still growling puppy by the scruff of the neck and carried him over to the Interceptor . Thrown on the back seat , the dog seem to settle down . Perhaps he felt a sense that Max wouldn't kill him , Perhaps it was his mothers scent all over the car or , perhaps it was just exhaustion that made the pup curl up to sleep on the Interceptors vinyl back seat as Max slowly crawled the interceptor over the rough gravel service road that ran between the spinifex and dunes towards the windmill ..........

To be continued......please contribute
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Re: Please add to my Story

Postby aussie muscle » Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:35 pm

i'd always imagined at some point max came across some people under assault from a gang, like in RW, but instead he helps them, but they all get killed, which is why he won't help the people in RW. (doesn't want to get attached again). He also needs to find a friendly mechanic to assist him in installing the two big tanks in the interceptor (or does he do that on his own in an abandoned farm workshop?)

edit: also, avoid putting a tanker chase in it.
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Re: Please add to my Story

Postby mahenoguy » Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:42 pm

cheers for the Ideas Aussie Muscle ,I'll give it a go.. goes !

As the Interceptor rumbled along the gravel easement , the huge encampment came into view behind the dunes . About 5 acres framed by an Iron wall , 25 feet high made from crushed car bodies stacked on top of each other and wrapped in Barbed Wire and Iron Star Pickets . Intact car bodies inside the compound stood stacked even higher than the outer wall . A two story brick building stood in the middle with Cars stacked to the roof height on 3 sides . The house itself was covered in thousands of hub caps , of every imaginable make which gave the place a weird alien glow in the desert sun .
Max couldn't see any people as he rolled around the massive fort of scrap . It was the Wrecking Yard Hughes had sent Max in search of..... it was real !

In the middle of the Massive wall was an enormous wood and Iron Gate , but still no sign of life as the interceptor rolled to a stop . Max killed the engine to a deaths silence , the pup on the back seat raised his head then laid straight back down .Slowly opening the door Max checked his shotgun and stepped out into the blistering sun . Suddenly to the screech of feedback a voice crackled over a load speaker.
" Drop the weapon , Leather-man "
Max instinctively ducked and shuffled back towards the Interceptors open door .
" There's a dozen hare triggers pointed at your head " the voice crackled
Max took his chances and dived into the drivers seat .
"Shit , he 's running " the voice rasped still over the load speaker.
As max slammed the the car in gear to a rooster tail of gravel and dust , the expected gun fire didn't eventuate as he sped away towards the highway .
As he slowed towards the black highway , Max could see a small child in a full size full-face helmet standing by the the dead dog he had left by the road edge . Stunned for a second by this unexpected sight , Max lost control of the Interceptor as the tyres bit into the hot tar , flat spinning across the highway and landing rear end in to a ditch on the other side of the road . A sharp rocky shelf in the gutter Blew one of the Interceptors rear tyres and deeply dented the rim on the other side .As the dust cleared Max could see a tall skinny man with a rifle drawn and aimed walking towards the car . Max ducked and floored it , but this just blew the good tyre and shredded the blown side . The Interceptor was going nowhere an he knew it . Max Looked down at his shotgun on the passenger seat and looked up at the man now only 10 feet away on the edge of the ditch . He raised his hands off the wheel and grinned at his new captor.....

To be continued.......
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