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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:36 pm

The next morning Max was roused by 2 of Hughes' crones , although his injuries had allowed him little sleep . " 5 Minutes , outside " one ordered as he threw a single set of Leg Irons towards the rags Max had been given as a bed . The strap on support ( designed for Polio sufferers ) still had a thick heeled shoe attached and to Max's disgust the foot bones of its previous wearer . Max tore the shoe off and threw it in the corner before buckling the straps to his upper thigh . The original owner had been shorter so he bent down the Heel straps to extend the length before bolting the ends to the Boot straps of his MPF issue boots . Pain flushed through him as he stood and put weight on his swollen , shattered knee but it didn't buckle and through gritted teeth Max did a couple of laps around the room .
When the guards returned to escort him to see Hughes , Max soon realized his windowless cell was actually a shipping container on a flatbed trailer parked in the dust bowl behind the roadhouse . Propped up under each arm , The guards dragged Max across the fore court to an old toilet block beside the driveway . On entering it was obvious the the cubicles had been converted to makeshift offices with a large desk in front of the Urinal . Here sat Hughes , peering through Bifocals at a mountain of tattered paperwork ." Ahhh , sleeping beauty awakes " he said folding his hands behind his head . " You ready to drive bronze " . Max didn't speak or look up . " You see it's like this" Hughes began " About 100 miles west of here there's there's a wrecking yard , a supermarket of parts . V8's , Diesels , Batteries , tyres , tools ..... Gold out here " . hughes rambled " The problem is the terminal crazies that own the road from here to there . Cannibals and necro's , mad with the taste of blood . No-one has ever made it back , but I hold high hopes for you bronze " .
"Then how do you know it exists " Max taunted " Sounds like blacktop Bullshit to me " . " Well , you'd best pray its real bronze , I'd hate to see you die for nothing " hughes barked , loosing patients . " Now , I've fueled up the tow-truck , You'd best get moving , the crazies might still be asleep ". With a wave of his hand , Hughes guards dragged Max out of the block and into the blinding daylight .
They made their way to the old mechanics Workshop , Now an infirmary full of all manner of modified and Makeshift weapons . In the middle of the garage was a red F100 tow-truck , its roof removed with an old speed boat visor as a meager windshield . The Guards lifted Max and plonked him in the drivers seat , pinning him down while another guard fastened an iron collar around his neck , Pad locking it on a short leash to the back of the cab .
Hitched to the tow rig was a Valiant station wagon , cut down to the chassis , as a makeshift trailer .
" Listen closely " Rasped one of the guards . " Once you get out there , just go as fast as you can , stop for no-one . When you reach the yard , Batteries , alternators and tyres , load up and get out ".
" And Just how am I suppose to do that " max said , gripping his collar and leash .
" With Me " a voice said as it entered the workshop . Max looked up to see the slight figure of a young girl walking towards them . Even under her shoulder pads and helmet , Max could tell she was no more than 15 . "This wasn't part of the deal " Max protested . " There was No deal , now go " the guard said as he reached in and started the truck .
The whole trading post stood vigil as they watched the f100 pull out of the driveway and turn west onto the already blistering highway . Struggling to turn his head , Max could see the Interceptor under a tarp behind the toilet block office Guarded by 2 armed sentinels . He could also see the brothers watching from their weapons Stall , wondering if Max would return to fulfill their contract or If he would just end up as more road kill .........

to be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:19 am

As soon as he was out of sight of the roadhouse , Max slowed down to pull over " I wouldn't stop yet , you can hear this thing for miles" the girl said jumping off the Gantry into the front seat " He'll be over the hill before you get that dog collar off , I'm Abby " she said through a sparsely toothed smile . " Are you really Crazy , you gonna get out here and mess with me and shit " Abby rattled " watch your mouth Kid " Max snarled as he accelerated down the deserted Highway.
Once they were a safe distance Max pulled over . " Hey kid , got a bobby pin" Max tried to sound friendly " I aint helpin ya " Abby said " If i head back without you I'm fucked "
Max reached over grabbing Abby's helmet and cracking her head on the dash , Making her bite her lip . " Heh you bastard " Abby said wiping the blood from her lip " I Told you to watch your mouth ,anyway now you can tell them I bashed you and got away " max said as he unclipped his iron collar .
" Hey how'd ya do that " .
Max just handed Abby back the Bobby Pin he had snatched from her matted orange hair hanging out under her helmet . " Now Listen Kid , your gonna tell me everything you know about Hughes. " Did those Idiots try to contract you to Kill him ? They offer the hit to every new dip-shit with a gun to roll through" Abby asked " They cant pay you what ever they offered you know , they're a Joke ".
" Who's They ? " Max played dumb .
" You know who , What did they offer you , Your freedom ? Your Weapons ? Your Car ? Oh tell me they offered you the car " Abby burst out laughing " They Did didn't they ?
Max's Face said it all.
" You have to understand , Hughes is screwed anyway , Cancer . Those 2 wont get a thing when he goes "
" It will all go to his Master at Arms , Nate . That's who will own your car if you knock off Hughes"
"I dont think I had the pleasure of meeting Nate "
"You'd Know if you'd met Nate , Face it bronze , you aint ever getting that car Back "
" Oh yeh , wouldn't Bank on that Kid "

to be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:58 am

Max pulled the F100 back onto the highway and continued west without a word and Abby just sat there and sulked . The first 30 or 40 miles were quiet but as the country flattened out they could see smoke on the along the Highway for as far as the eye could see .
"Terminal Crazies" Abby slowly whispered .
Max pulled off the road and Jumped out onto the bonnet to scan the road . Looking down he saw Abby with a pair of binoculars and reached down and snatched them from her face.
" Heh , you really are a cop aren't you "Abby protested
"Shuttttt uuuuppp " Max droned under his breath as he scanned the road ahead.
"Whatcha gonna do with no weapons " Abby smirked as she backed away towards the Tow , reaching under and Pulling out Max's Shotgun from the toolbox .
" I swiped this from Hughes office "
Max swung around to see Abby pointing the Gun at him.
"You've got to be Kidding me " Max sighed .
" Now I do have something to trade you , not like those Idiot brothers of Mine
"You mean your Hughes'....."
"Yep , Well he raped my mum anyway , one big happy family " Abby smiled
" Anyway , I'll give you back your gun and all the Ammo you had if you Kill my brothers "
" What's wrong with you fucking people , Your like 'Days of our Lives' only dangerous " Max gasped
" Days of our what ? , I think you are Nuts Bronze , anyway the way I see It , you'll have to kill Nate to get your car Back and with my Brothers out of the way it's just me and dear old Dad To run it all , and.....well you know the rest "
Max stood with his mouth open before slowly closing to a grin
"Got yourself a deal Kid"
Abby handed Max his gun and Police utility belt with its pockets full of shells . Max unhooked the makeshift trailer and loaded his gun before pulling the F100 around and thundering off back towards the roadhouse . The roar of the trucks engine drowned out the 2 trail bikes a few miles behind and catching the lazy old tow truck fast . Ironically it was a glint of light reflecting off Abby's binoculars that had caught the eye of the scouts patrolling the outer reaches of their territory for rival gang-members....
To be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby aussie muscle » Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:53 pm

it's very good, but a tip, start a new line every time someone else speaks, so the dialogue doesn't get all mashed up. i like that you've kept max's lines to a minimum.
i've always presumed that between the movies, max tried to make a connection with someone who got killed, making him the 'shell of a man' he was by the time he reached the compound and doesn't want anythin to do with them.
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby SAM B R.W » Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:48 pm

awesome. im hooked. keep'em coming!!
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:36 am

As Max shifted into top gear , the shooting pain in his left knee made him look down at his swollen wound . In the corner of his eye he caught the reflection of a helmet in the Chrome lining on the top of the trucks windowless door. Swinging around , Shot gun drawn , Max let go both barrels into the flanking Marauder's face at close range blowing his helmet and most of his head off . He fell backwards causing the bike to crash into the side of the f100 and slide under the back wheels , throwing the tow-truck sideways . As Max fought to gain control , the wildly swinging tow-hook hit the other Biker in the side of the head as he tried to speed up the passenger side . This had a similar effect to the shotgun throwing him off his bike a headless body. Abby braced as the screeching Truck slid to a dusty halt .
" Holy shitttttttt " she whispered as Max jumped out and hobbled off towards the still running trail bike while re-loading his smoking shotgun . He reached down and pulled the spark plug cap off killing the motor .
Max grabbed the still bleeding body by the arm and dragged it clear of the bike with the same compassion as dragging any roadkill off the road . He checked the body over and took some shotgun shells and a Machete before standing the bike up and wheeling it over to the truck .
"So can you ride kid " max asked
"What do you recon " Abby smiled as she jumped on and kicked it over first go
"Well kid , if i'm gonna do this your gonna have to do everything I tell you "
" Your the boss bronze "
" Well , you need to ride ahead , tell them the crazies jumped us and killed me " .
"And what will you'll do , when will I know you're back ? " Abby asked
" Oh you'll know Kid , You'll know.........

To be continued
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:42 pm

Meanwhile back at the roadhouse , Hughes looked up from his desk to acknowledge Nate . Nate was an SAS commando in the old world but had gone A.W.O.L when the Australian Government announced it would be sending troops to help maintain order in the " post nuclear exchange " Americas . He was no coward but had realized most deployments weren't even making landfall let alone making it home . He would spend the first few years after the war hiding in the " Nothing " Living off the land until he was ambushed in his sleep by scouts from the roadhouse in their endless search for fuel and spares .
He had opened his eye's to see a sentry standing over him with a rifle at blank point . In a single movement he grabbed the barrel while rolling clear . The scout pulled the trigger a micro- second too late , as Nate shoved the gun backwards , smashing his attackers nose before turning the weapon and shooting him in the throat .
As his fountaining body fell backwards , Nate could hear the click of the bolt action rifle behind his head .
" Don't Move princess " a guard whispered
Scanning the situation , Nate could see he was out numbered 6 to 1 and threw down the rifle , raising his hands .
His captors walked him the 10 miles back to the roadhouse in chains , drinking and eating in front of the half starved soldier . Once there , Hughes recognized his potential and had him locked in the " Break down " cells behind the main building . These were infact boarding kennels from the original roadhouse's security dogs . He would spend 12 months in there until finally agreeing to join Hughes security force . Over the next 2 years he proved himself during numerous attacks by the Terminal Crazies , working his way to Master-At-Arms and Hughes' closest confidant , But he had never forgotten his year caged as a dog and carried a secret vow of vengence .

" Do you think giving the Bronze the tow-truck was a good Idea " Nate cautiously asked
" You dont ? " Hughes hissed
" It was our best hauler... " Nate added
" I have a good feeling about our little Bronze warrior , you dont trust my fellings ? "
" If I couldn't make it , what makes you think he can ? " Nate protested
" He's a driver , and quite frankly Nate , you couldn't drive your finger up your arse "
" But........."
" Look , he's already gone , so what do you want me to do , plus I have his wheels "Hughes interupted
" Yeah , well shinny black paint and some crap poking out of the bonnet won't haul supplies " Nate argued
" Crap poking out of the bonnet eh ? , No wonder I don't send you out there . You wouldn't know a alternator from your arse-hole "

Nate stormed out of the office irate ,
" We'll see how good your little Bronze soldier is when I get my hands on him " Nate mumbled to himself
" And you'll be next old Man "
Suddenly , a sentinel yelled from the roof " Terminal Crazy " .
The whole market place rushed out to the highway's edge straining , their eye's to see the trail-bike approaching from the west .
" Its Abby " someone yelled from the crowd Just as the guards were about to release a volley of arrows

To be continued......
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:11 pm

By the time Abby brought the skidding bike to a dusty holt , Hughes , Nate and her brothers were waiting by the highway.
"Where's the Bronze" hughes rattled before Abby even stepped off the still running Bike
" Yeh I'm fine Dad , Thanks for asking " Abby spat back
"Clearly your fine Smart-arse , Now what happened to my Truck " Hughes' tone grew more menacing
"Jumped by terminals , bout 20 miles in" Abby mumbled , knowing what followed when baring Bad News
Nate's hand crashed against Abby's expectant cheek before she could think too much about it , knocking her down and out
"Well thats fucking great , I wasn't finished" Hughes hissed at Nate
" You should have never sent that little gutter rat out there with him , you know she can't be trusted" Nate protested in an almost scornful tone.

When Abby finally came to , she was in the same room Max had found himself in the day before . Her face was glued to the floor with dried blood and as she pried herself up she quickly realized she was Naked. The Shame and horror
of what had happened while she was out was no new feeling for Abby as she sat trying to focus through her badly swollen eye.
Her thoughts soon turned to Max. Would he be back to fulfill their deal ? How would he manage to get back without alerting every one for Miles ? Would he be able to pull it off ? One thing she knew for sure , If he blew it and Hughes realized he's still alive then she was as good as dead.

Meantime out on the edge of the Nothing , Max was busy preparing the f100 for his assault on the road house . He had cut one of the dead crazies leather pants into strips and was bandaging holes in the trucks exhaust .He had chained one of the headless bodies in the drivers seat with the collar Hughes had used to strap him in earlier that morning . Max wired the blasted helmet on the lifeless corpse's shoulders to complete the illusion . As he counted his shells and checked his loaded shotgun , Max Looked over his shoulder to see dust trails about 5 miles off , headed his way .
"Must be coming to check on their overdue scouts" he thought to himself . He was out of time , It was now or never.
Max sat on his dead decoy's Lap and pulled the tow truck back onto the highway and thundered off towards the roadhouse . He had hidden the other dead Crazies crushed bike and body behind some Brigglelow shrubs leaving only Tyre smoke and his discarded bronze badge to mark the scene of carnage .
As he speed away from the range of his unknowing pursuers , Max's head was awash with ways to dispense of Hughes and anyone else who stood in his way. His body weight was squeezing partly conjealed ooze from the body that was now his seat.The windy roofless cabin was causing the filth to spray on the back of Max's neck . Wiping it away he caught a glimpse of himself in the rear view mirror . The face that had smiled at Jess and Sprog only 2 weeks earlier was gone , replaced with a sun-blistered , white-eyed , Murderous grimace . Max didn't recognize himself at all..... and didn't care
To be continued.................
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Sat Jan 22, 2011 6:16 am

Light burst into Abby's cell as Hughes and Nate came into the room
" So what happened to the Shotgun " Hughes wasted no time
Abby felt fear rising from toes up her legs to her tightening stomach
" what do you mean ? what shotgun ? I ....I....mean ...... what? Abby knew she was finished.
"Wrong Answer " Nate barked as he casually stepped forward and flicked Abby in her swollen eye
"I saw you take it , So was the plan to try and get the bronze to kill me ?.. Kill Nate? ...well ?.....Hughes growled
Abby picked her next words carefully " I know better than that..Daddy....come on , I just thought it might give us a chance out there"
Hughes stood still for a moment then nodded at Nate who again stepped forward this time punching Abby square in the nose breaking it for the um-teenth time in her young life
" I don't believe you , But it doesn't matter..., If the bronze is really dead.. well , lets just say he had better be " Hughes rambled " Cause' if he turns up back here , I'll kill the shiny little prick , and then I'll kill you , ya little gutter r........
Hughes was interupted by voices outside followed the familiar rumble of the f100 getting louder...red-lining.
" Get out there" Hughes barked at Nate who was already half out the door " And you....... You'd best hope he kills Nate , Cause at least I'll kill ya quickly ..... like i should of when you were born "Hughes tried to hide his fear.
Abby raised her head slowly in defiance through a broken toothed smile " I've seen him fight Daddy , And I don't know much about anything.......but I would'nt trade a bucket of shit for YOUR future !"
To be continued.....
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Re: Burn johnny Burn

Postby mahenoguy » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:52 pm

As Nate ran onto the forecourt , a volley of arrows and gunfire was already raining down on the f100 towtruck as it speed towards the roadhouse .
"Stop him " Nate bellowed as he ran for his own rifle
Standing his ground Nate took aim through the scope of his elephant Gun , squeezing the trigger calmly and slowly , he could see the drivers head blow completely off . Looking over the scope he could tell that the truck was still accelerating . He re=loaded and fired another round into the grill of the screaming f100 causing steam to envelope the the truck but failing to even slow it .
"Get clear" Nate yelled to the people standing in the driveway as he dived into the dust but the truck continued past the exit before spinning out of control about 200 metres up the highway . Nate re-loaded again as he ran towards the settling dust cloud with a dozen guards in-tow

Meanwhile in the holding room Hughes raised Max's service revolver to Abby's forehead
" Say hi to your Mum for me " he smirked as his thumb began to pull back the revolver's hammer
Abby winced as the flash of light lit the darkened , windowless room with a deafening roar . Her short tortured life flashed through her mind like a horror movie in fast-forward . She could feel urine squirting from her Naked body and hot blood running in her eyes . She blinked twice as her eyes adjusted to the again dark room.
" I can still see " she thought as the fear of a slow bleeding death filled her
Hughes outline came into focus in front of her , arm still outstreached ,revolver in hand . As she fought to focus on his face through the salty red ooze that filled her eyes , something was different . Gone were his evil contorted features , he seemed much younger through the clearing gunsmoke . He looked more like.....like MAX !
It was then that Hughes' headless body stumbled forward , falling to the floor at Abby's feet and revealing Max in the doorway with shotgun draw
" Br....Bronze ! " she stammered as Max stepped behind her cutting the cable ties , freeing her bleeding wrists .
Abby raised her hands to her face expecting to feel the gaping gunshot wound , but soon realized the blood was not her own . Hughes' demonic mind , that had been the cause of so much horror in the lost child's life was now just a chunky sprayed mess which she quickly wiped off with her shaking hands.
Max reached down and grabbed Hughes' blood soaked Dressing gown from his still twitching body .
" Here , put this on and get out of here "he said as he stepped out into the light while re=loading
The sound of the blast snapped Nate out of his trance as he stood looking at the dead crazy's body strapped in the towtruck
He turned and steadily marched back towards the roadhouse re-loading as he went .
To be continued........
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