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Re: ammods showroom

Postby LTDHO » Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:14 pm

I didn't even know there was a Streetrod 3...
LTDHO = Supercharged Intercooled 5.7L 360rwkw, 6 speed

XB Coupe = Stock Fairmont GS with 351 and 4 speed.

But I really want a 600rwhp XB coupe!
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Re: ammods showroom

Postby ammods » Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:41 am

it was a community effort, but since basically it's dead, but just wont lay down haha...

nah just one of those things that go unnoticed lol...
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Re: ammods showroom

Postby lord humungus » Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:13 pm

updates for all. um well work was taking over my life so i've gotten things to where i can go back to school. before then i have a great chance to get some things really done and so i will be doing them. i have to find a good image host as i let my 250free account go. it wasn't worth the upkeep and the limited bandwidth limitations and such.

anways i'm starting out slowly though as my son is still a big part of my life and one thing i cannot just walk away from. so don't expect miricles.

anyways i have a higher poly hubcap to complete and then it's onto the charger twins as i call them. since in most respects the valiant chargers were near identical but they had two different paint jobs,different front ends and even different side mirrors...but my thought is,just like with the rig being specualy designed for the roll screne i think this other mystery charger is the supposed to be the same charger only it was desigend to hit tow truck and not get so damaged for the stunt so that they could spare the other car for close ups for the ending scequence. but since it's there and noticable it'll get a model. this will also yeild a stock charger for use in games. i am very excited to finaly start on the charger and make a good go of it,thanks to some referance material that will bring up the quality of the charger twins look. so you all can enjoy then inspite of what game you play.

i'll also be trying to get into the skinning aspect as i have my own dreams of mesh creation from start to finish and it won't work out so well if i cannot apply a bitmap to my mesh work. annnyways. starting this week and going till i start school it's back to the vehcile mines for me. hope to post soon with screenshots of the mesh works as they stand.
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