Jalopnik used my story idea! (Sega Rally Celica Replica)

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Jalopnik used my story idea! (Sega Rally Celica Replica)

Postby flightsuit » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:18 am

Several days ago I e-mailed a story tip to the automotive site Jalopnik, alerting them to the existence of a really cool car which had been built by a guy I know on a video game message board. Well imagine my delight when I checked the site yesterday and saw that they'd used my tip, and written the following article:


I figure this might be of some interest 'cause it's car related and 'cause it involves the particular form of madness and obsession that leads to the painstaking creation of a replica of an iconic car from some part of popular culture.

The guy has now sold his Celica, and may be casting about for another project. Given his prowess with creating and applying custom decals, I'd love to see what kind of March Hare or Big Bopper he could come up with.

Funny stuff from me:
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