351c 4V engine, heads for sale

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351c 4V engine, heads for sale

Postby .MAD MAX. » Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:37 pm

Not directly max related but if someone is looking for a Cleveland engine.........

Heads are 4V closed chamber, SS valves, screw in studs, untouched, springs good for 600", Just pulled from running engine, no push rods,
BOSS guide plates, $500 or I can have them taken apart, hot tanked and reassembled for an extra $100
Date codes are 9h9 and 9h16

351c block is .030, 4MA crank, TRW L2379 pistons, Ford rods, date code is Oct, 12, 1970. Needs bearings but journals are fine. $400

Edlebrock Torker 4V intake, ex condition. New $400+ sell for $225

351c oil pan to fit Fox body with meling HV pump and correct extended pickup. $200

8041A motorcarft 4bbl carb, new $100

I'm located near Niagara Falls but could meet buyer in Buffalo, NY to aviod border hassles.
The motor was running but the guy used cheap bearings which caused pressure issues and out it came.
E-mail me directly at doug@madmaxcar.com
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Re: 351c 4V engine, heads for sale

Postby mad dan » Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:56 am

cool, just drop em round my joint on sunday Doug. ;)

sounds like ya got some good stuff there.

...sorta slow motion. he leaves the seat, goes through the windscreen, headfirst straight into the tree...right. and then, bounces back through the windscreen. by the time we got to him.. he was just sittin there trying to scream with his face ripped off......whats the matter?
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Re: 351c 4V engine, heads for sale

Postby .MAD MAX. » Tue Nov 25, 2008 4:52 am

No worries...you pay for my airfare and the whole engine is yours !
fat chance ...I know....but worth a shot

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