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Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby Biker » Wed May 07, 2008 10:21 pm

Couple of weeks ago I had my daughters come and stay with us for a week. My youngest daughter, knowing I have this phobia for Zombie films, thought it hilarious to bring the boxed set of the Resident Evil series on DVD with her. Oh the laughter that revelation brought us... mostly from them.

Anyway we sat and watched them together in a darkend room over 2 evenings. BBB you would have been proud of me I hardly whimpered at all.

Resident Evil 2 was kinda "Duh" enjoyable enough but kinda silly, not as scary as the first one was. Evil 3 was just too much like Mad Max to be scary, as for the running Zombies, naaaah they didn't scare me at all.

Resident Evil 3 has so many homages to the Mad Max films I lost count, but it's still a pretty good film. The bonus stuff on the third film's DVD has interviews etc and one guy (Producer I think) was saying how he used the Road Warrior as his main source of influence for this film.

The bike is really nice and the cammo net seen used in the outtakes was really good thinking, but other things made me just grind my teeth in frustration. I mean who would light a camp fire and sit around it at night with the whole country crawling with bleeding Zombies? Real clever thinking that!
Or walk into a darkened gas station looking for fuel and food and not even check those dark corners for lurking flesh eaters, before relaxing, sighing and sitting down? No surprises ya gonna get ya ass chewed. And later, normally wouldn't dark rings under the victims eyes clue you into the fact something was wrong with him?

The Alfred Hitchcock homage was really really disturbing as that harkened back memories of seeing The Birds when I was a kid. now that got a reaction from me... right before it got very silly.

Anyway if you're wanting to see a pretty decent post apocolyptic, Mad Max homage film with several decaying zombies on anabolic steroids scurrying around I can reccommend this film. It's a lot better than some of those Italian rip offs from the 80's.

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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby OverheadCam » Fri May 09, 2008 2:11 am

Well Done Biker....You've given me inspiration to work on my fear of spiders (and auditors) :D !

There's another Brit Post apocolyptic movie out called "Doomsday" about Scotland being walled in to keep a killer virus from ...blah blah blah!

As a 'homage' to the MadMax Universe it was a peice of inventive was shite! ;)
Although I didn't see any arseless chaps, the 'Vermin' were straight outta Thunderdome, mohawkes, mascara and chainmail everywhere.

These scripts are really becoming a little repetitive, ...I can just hear the script review session.."throw in 10% extra mad max, 25% more 'I am Legend' and just a splash of 'Harry Potter' to keep the kiddies interested!" For some reason they haven't worked out why a movie written, directed and produced by Tarrantino gets such support...IT'S BECAUSE IT"S ORIGINAL AND FRESH PEOPLE!!!! :twisted: :roll:

Good to see ya still posting cobber!

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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby Big Bopper Bart » Fri May 09, 2008 8:00 am

The frist Res Evil movie was decent.The 2nd one was very rushed and corny and I wish they could do it over again and add more plot to it from the games.the 3rd one SUCKED! Biker,watch Night of the living dead the orig and the remake,watch the remake of Dawn of the DEAD those will surly make you eject fecal matter in your trousers ole boy ! :lol:
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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby Biker » Fri May 09, 2008 11:42 am

Hey OHC, long time man! Haven't seen anything of Doomsday and after seeing the preview on Youtube I won't either, unless it's in a bargain bin on DVD.

Originality ain't what the fim makers want, it's bums on seats paying the full entry price at the cinema that makes them all glassy eyed.

Gone are the days when a film producers makes a film he would want to see, at least he may set out with that intention but sadly the purse string controllers want a hefty return from it too and if that means blending it with known winners then you will get such bastard creations of "Lassie meets Skippy on the night of the living dead"

BBB, thanks for the heads up with reccommending those wonderful films. I think for now I shall pass. I still have the jitters from just holding the DVD of Resident Evil 1 let alone putting it into the DVD drive and actually playing it (which I didn't) I'm not as stupid as I am cabbage looking.

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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby the armourer » Fri May 09, 2008 4:13 pm

Even Tarantino's work is retreaded stuff, but he has a gift for dialogue and he seems to know just how far he can push the visual's idea before it becomes just another cliche. The man is the next Alfred Hitchcock.

And as for zombie flicks, I'm a big George Romero fan. Like Goerge Miller, he's the original and the best. I was living in the Pittburgh area when Romero filmed Dawn of the Dead. I practically grew up in the Monroeville Mall. After seeing Dawn, we would go to the mall and try to figure out all the shots. I've also been in the old limestone mines where he filmed Day of the Dead. The mines were about 15 minutes from my house. Unfortunately I moved south a few years before Day was shot. If I'd still been there, I'd have been down at the set trying to get a part as an extra. I'd love to get some friends and family organized and shoot my own zombie flick. I've got a few ideas for low-budget blood squibs and head-shot effects that I need to experiment with. After seeing some of the crap on YouTube and on the big screen, I know I can do better.
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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby Bad cop » Fri May 09, 2008 4:23 pm

I loved Doomsday. A few of the vehicle were quickly put together but they were cool. The films really awsome vehicles were the giant trike with a Gimp tied to the front. The lead marauder Sol,his car is an old Jag covered with human skin and decaorated with human bones. Go to IMDB and check the photo for the movie.
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Re: Resident Evil: Extinction

Postby Justice » Fri May 09, 2008 4:26 pm

I didn't really like it that much. Mad Max and zombies in one movie just don't do it for me. Doomsday failed horribly in my eyes as well I still got a write-up I need to post on my site in regards to it, but I've been lazy.
Guess the bar is set pretty high. Since 81 there was no other Post Apocalyptic movie that can touch Max 2...
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