"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby The Sockpuppet » Sat May 05, 2007 7:12 am


O.K. you want me to list, here we go, first up whats up with the blower, is that a cast job because it looks like you painted it with a spray can.

1. injection system below injector hat is just a solid block of alloy with no detail and a heater hose sticking out of it.

2. roll cage way too thick and the bar behind the seat has been crimped.

3. lets look at the FIBREGLASS tanks, enough said, the gauges on the back have not had their bolts painted black and and are not properly attached to the tanks as they are only FIBREGLASS.

4. headlight covers, pinstriping to thin

5. steering wheel, not a max rob

6. flashing light bracket which extends way past the glove box

7.no console brackets on the hump in the floor

8. mirror on passenger side door

9. wrong brackets on the tanks to support the spring on the fuel caps

10. no L-bend connectors on the tanks

and your bonnet doesn't even line up properly, do i need to go on? i am happy with you making cars like this but dont come on the forum blowing your own horn and telling people that their cars aren't accurate because, quite clearly you still have a long way to go. again, As stated in the september 2005 edition of street machine magazine THE ONLY WAY I'LL KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY DIFFERENCES IS BY PARKING THE TWO SIDE BY SIDE, i think i just saved you the trouble.
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby AdrianUK » Sat May 05, 2007 7:37 am

I learnt quickly through life that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Sockpuppet has just demonstrated this beautyfully and why......because of some comments that should never have been posted in the first place! Can of worms springs to mind!


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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby MFPmaniac » Sat May 05, 2007 8:55 am

I'm fighting like hell not to add to this, but I can't help it. I do hope one day to be the proud owner of my own BoB replica. That is a loooooong way off, however. And when the time does come, it will be Barry's formula of "a piece from here, a piece from there." Will it be correct? Probably not. Will it have the correct dash cluster? Headliner? Wheels? Cigarette lighter? Blower casing?

Most likely, many things will be incorrect. I'll openly admit there will be things that I would like to be a bit different from the movie car. But in the end, people would still ask something like, "Hey! Isn't that the car from Mad Max?" Most of those people wouldn't know an XB from an XA or XC if you ran them over with it.

I do see your point of view Grant, as far as building the cars for customers rather than yourselves. You must look at things that most people might take for granted, as Gordon pointed out. The one time you overlook something, you'll get blasted for it. But as far as some of the other replicas are considered, I'd hardly call them "incorectors," since they are still easily identified as being something from the Mad Max universe.

Adrian, for someone building one from scratch with little reference, you have done a kick ass job! Let me just say that I'd be proud to display your replica in my driveway any day of the week!

March Hare, funny you should mention a Torino done up like Big Bopper. I'm toying with doing up a Ford Maverick sedan MFP style with the tri-color scheme, and though it's not a Falcon I'm sure someone will make a comment on it eventually!

Justice, you're absolutely right. It IS the thought that counts. Falcon, Torino, Maverick, Mustang, it doesn't matter. There is nothing wrong with showing your enthusiasm for the films by using a different canvas as a base. The only limit is your imagination.

Just had to add my 2 cents, guys.

"We'll make it, move over!!!"
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby roadwarriormfp » Sat May 05, 2007 9:35 am

Justice, let me add this... you have no grip of what occured as to why some posts were removed.

This forum has rules .... and if people break the rules they are made aware of it. However if someone decides to instead be sarcastic or post and abusive reply such as what Gordon did.. that POST WILL BE DELETED.

IF you think i am going to justifiy myself yet again.. your mistakenly wrong.

As for Grants comments, I find it highly insulting that someone says that a car that is an "incorrector" is a waste of time....

And i am not surprised that Adrian responded. In fact there should be more of it.

If someone is critical of you or your work... its hardly fitting to then "bash" someone elses work.... This only enflames the subject and others.....

We are 100% snafu....
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby cobra » Sat May 05, 2007 11:08 am

well good, now that your all inflamed, tuff! as i said, its disapointing to see the wrong roof spoiler on a car, you all know what its like to fit that dam thing, and its a lot of work, why do it with the wrong part?, if my comments are insulting with incorectors, well to bad, its the truth that they have had so much good work go into fitting the wrong bits, some things are going to be wrong of coarse, they always will be for one reason or another. nose cone, well the wrong one was the only thing out there to begin with, flares, no moulds at all, had to make just like every one else, so everyones will not be correct.

plus if your not selling it to someone, then fit the wrong stuff, goodluck and enjoy your creation, the tables turn when you are selling it to someone!

Sockpuppet, you still did not say who you are, so stop been spineless, spit out who you are. alot would like to know!

glad you pointed out all those details! mmm max rob, to expensive, yes we use a SAAS one, roll cage to big, got the info from someone who measured the original car in UK, yes we knew it was to big after we sat it in there, but I was going to be damned if I was going to make another one! took to long! it can stay like it, the movie car one was most likely not made of exhauast tube to!

yes blower plate to big, rectified prior to delivery no detail is as per film!, there is no detail on that one either if you lok, remember max 2 was differant to max 1

light bracket well, it rattles when driving it and its the same as in the original car as pictured on this site!

headlight covers for legal reasons!

console brackets used elsewhere!Image

mirror, its needed on the freeways!

L bends, mmm what you talking about nameless?

other brackets to thin actually!, bolts not painted yet, ahwell!

hood no line up! same as original car! that idnt line up either!, and our knifes are blunt, the rim sizes are most likely wrong, the paint is probly the wrong color black, the matt is to dark, the tyres have no wear on them and are still new! so please you can go on, and attach your name along with it!

regards Grant

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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby The Sockpuppet » Sat May 05, 2007 1:08 pm


you reap what you sow.

You continue to insult replica car owners with "TUFF" and "WELL TOO BAD" once again your true colors have shone through as you refer to them as "INCORETORS" Baffling. Your whole attitude towards that car is "OH WELL" its not right but it will do. You say that: the tables turn when you are selling it to someone, then wheres the quality and dedication to finish the job Grant.?

You have supplied us all with as many grammatical errors in your posts as there are mistakes with your cars. As for who i am, it doesn't really matter, whats more important is that if you are going to make these alleged Movie Correct Vehicles, which are quite obviously not, then you cant continue to have a go at other peoples cars. As i saw in a previous post, Scott Smith stated that he has the original spoiler moulds from the movie. Maybe you should talk to him about aquiring one.

If you start running now you can probably catch up with Gordon.
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby nelson » Sat May 05, 2007 1:18 pm

Quote: Originally posted by cobra on 03 May 2007

Hello, mmm Gordon builds replicas from DVDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no we DONT!!!!!!!! why cant people get there facts right!, read our web site, if you can!

04. 05. 07. posted by Cobra on this thread " I am not saying we dont use the dvd to get things done. (well yes you did say that).......... to be honest I would rather go to the DVD for info over people, because its there, and we dont have to put any one on the spot, or maybe get some one on the wrong day, they have been hounded enuf as it is."

Cant have it both ways! Either you do use them or you dont. Or you only wanted to admitt it after you were exposed. Good on you for using the dvd, memory fades and the camera doesnt lie but you chose to flame me for daring to suggest you used the dvd. Then claimesd I should get my facts right.

Now lets see who has the facts right heh!

"Gordons origanal black coupe was most likely to be the first car after the film car to have a spoiler fitted to the roof and also by the orignal guy who did the movie car"

Errol didnt work on the original car he supplied the parts, I heard this from Murray himself.

"we have been messing with this stuff for a long long time, same with Scott and a few other dedicated people building replicas, and attention to detail is required more so by our cars and Scotts cars and in my eyes our cars and Scotts cars are considered to be INTERCEPTORS an not INCORECTORS like most cars out there"

Wow, attention to detail yet somehow you then state....

"yes our cars do have some differances, there are various reasons, one is so we can identify our cars from a pic against other builds as well as wrong info from others",

I wouldnt be happy that you strayed from accuracy so you could tell your cars from a pic against other builds when according to you our builds are so obviously wrong.

Do you mean you had wrong info from others when building your accuaret replicas? Why would you bother with wrong info?? Perhaps you are just a little like us doing your best.

The cars are either accurate or not accurate. Do they have sunvisors because in some scenes the car does and in others it doesnt as you know many things changed during the shooting. It is not possible to build accuaret replica becasue of this. I will be the first to admiit that your builds are more accurate than mine and I dont care if you or anyone picks it, as Adrian said I ask everyone to pick it. I did my best and I am very proud of my replica. Of course its an incorrector ( I love that term) At least I dont claim that it is the most accurate.

"well good, now that your all inflamed, tuff"

"if my comments are insulting with incorectors, well to bad"

I am not insulted. Everyone has their opinion. Whilst I am not happy with the things you have said I cant be unhappy with you as I dont know you. I would love to sit and have a beer together talk sh*t like we did at the Eaternats, I am certain the same level of anger could not be kept up face to face. I dont hide, neither do you Grant and I can respect that.

See ya on the road.
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby sharky » Sat May 05, 2007 2:13 pm

Just a few thoughts...

I know I'll never have enough spare cash to buy even a basket case coupe.....but there's a XC ute on ebay...Now that I could go for...

Oh sorry it wouldn't be 'movie correct' ...TOUGH, Get over it. It will be my own version of.

I'd love to build/own something even ressembling the Interceptor and full credit to those that do....but until I win the lotto...

People always used to take the piss outta the 'classic bike' boys..."Noo it should be nickel plated, not cad plated"....Do we want to go down that route ??
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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby .MAD MAX. » Sat May 05, 2007 3:53 pm

well this has been an interesting thread indeed. So what's my 2 cents ???

At the very beginning of my 3 1/2 hour chat with Murray Smith on easter sunday, the first thing I did was pull out a few doxen pics of my replica, spread them out on the table in front of us and then asked him " what have I missed or done wrong? "

Murrays reply: "done wrong mate?? Hell you've build yourself a car....what the hells wrong with that?"

Need I really say anymore? I thouroughly enjoyed ALL the cars I saw and drove (and broke) and as for Nelsons car, the only thing I found wrong was that he had the incorrect radio in place....come on Nelson, snap out of it!! There were no CD players back in the 70's....... sheeeeesh!!!!


PS: for what it's worth, I still have an extensive list of things to make my coupe to where I want it....... are we ever really done?


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"The last post" .. Gordon Hayes replies..

Postby March Hare » Sat May 05, 2007 4:47 pm

Quote: Originally posted by .MAD MAX. on 06 May 2007

Murrays reply: "done wrong mate?? Hell you've build yourself a car....what the hells wrong with that?"

Amen Murray..........................f**kin' Amen!
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