The Cars that Ate Paris DVD for sale

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The Cars that Ate Paris DVD for sale

Postby Biker » Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:29 am

I have this on DVD (pal) for sale it's in good condition, has the cover with spikey VW beetle and all. The DVD doesn't have special features just the usual chapter access. No langauage option either just Australian, but if you speak English it's near enough to understand hehehehe

Interesting to see most of the 12 principal Australian actors ( that's all Aussieland has it seems)

Bruce Spence is Charlie who plays a nutter.

Max Phipps (Toadie in MM2) plays a vicar

The guy who played Wally in the Croc Dundee films and last but not least some geezer that looks like a wimpy Sly Stallone with that dodgy bottom lip as Arthur, the principal character

There's a cop named Max in it (No relation to our idol, I hope) and features several car wrecks. So if you fancy owning it and you're into vintage Aussie films (1974) it's yours for the princely sum of;

UKP10 , 15Euros or about $17 cash, that includes all postage and packaging from my end.

Any takers? Email me.

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The Cars that Ate Paris DVD for sale

Postby Bad cop » Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:29 am

I already have the movie ,but you say yours disn't have any extras ? mine does.It comes with another film by Peter Weir called The Plumber and the DVD also comes with interviews with Peter Weir and trailers for both films. Isn't that weird.
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