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What lies beneath...

Postby March Hare » Tue Sep 13, 2005 5:48 pm

The whole world watched the other day as an Israeli soldier swung the gate closed to an empty Gaza Strip and then padlocked it... they locked all the gates as they left?.. as to say "Here you can have this,..but you'll still have to break and take it if you want it".. take it they did.. later that same day ..and the first ones through the door were the Palestinian Jihad..

..So the United Nations and the rest of the "Free World" are now thinking.." Israel just gave a whole COUNTRY to the organization that wrote THE BOOK on international terrorism?"..a country they have been fighting ( rocks vs. tanks ) over for FOUR decades ?..

....just doesn't seem that cut & dry to me.....

... So this is Israel's plan... It won't take long before EVERY wanna-be Osama finds his way to the Strip, who are we kidding anyway?. they are gonna' congregate there like nats to a bug lite.....they'll even start a version of the Jihad Scouts for the weee little bangers , ..and then when they can not pack one single person more into that little strip of land , BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!......Israel is gonna detonate all the warheads they planted in the ground years earlier before they left... and the entire Free World will stand up in front of the United Nations and say.....


"I am the chosen one, The mighty hand of vengeance, sent down to strike the unroadworthy".. SIN CITY MFP 2173
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