Another March Hare question

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Another March Hare question

Postby Outsider » Fri Aug 12, 2005 6:08 pm

Hi all.

I'm trying to find/work out what the roof number on the March Hare was. (I'm doing some MFP car skins for a game, and I want to get the detail right.)

However, it's a frustratingly elusive detail!

I can't make out the number from any of the frames of the DVD. The best chance seemed to be just before the crash and roll where you get a view from elevation, but the car's speed blurs the markings too much.

The photos of Makato Arnold's replica all show that it has some roof markings - but not from an angle where I can see them clearly! (I've e-mailed him; awaiting reply.)

The only reference I can find is completely uncorroborated, here:

...which claims that it is MFP 10.

However, is there any original source that provides evidence to back this up?

If anyone could help please, that'd be great.


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