George Miller Looks Like The Toecutter

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George Miller Looks Like The Toecutter

Postby Steve Pilant » Sat Jul 17, 1999 5:36 pm

Anybody else notice this more than passing resemblance? He must have been a Podiatrist or performed some sick torturous acts to get that nickname. Oh yeah - $50 U.S. to the first person in the U.K. (resident or tourist) who within the next 2 weeks can post to this message board clearly recognizable picture(s) of the Interceptor front tyre of the Interceptor from the Keswick museum with the tyre sizes clearly visible. See Grants post re: INTERCEPTOR RIMS regs, Steve
Gotta hand it to ya treasure - the last of the V8 interceptors. Woulda been a shame to blow it up...
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