Fuel degradation / appropriate tuning

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Fuel degradation / appropriate tuning

Postby bike » Mon Mar 07, 2005 7:13 pm

(humble pie if this thread was posted before)

Over winter the fuel in my bike degrades, and after 2 months is useless in a 4-stroke high compression (10.5:1) engine.

Works fine though in chainsaw and lawnmower, low compression engines.

The vehicles in MM appear to be high powered, high performance...

is it possible to achieve this power level from reduced-octane petrol? Thinking back to 1940`s or 1950`s engines and low quality fuel, the dimensions are typically *undersquare*, ie narrow bore, long stroke. Later engines are *square* or *oversquare*. This isn`t somthing which is easy to change...

What tuning measures would be realistic if there were suddenly no more high-octane fuel? How could the last of the V-8's keep moving?
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