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Mustang MRT Interceptor...

Postby Bronze21 » Sat Mar 05, 2005 8:49 pm

Greetings. The gentleman who owns the MRT Mustang Interceptor, was showing it at this years Autorama here in Detroit at Cobo Hall. It was sitting at one of the mid-isle cross-ways, parked at a slight angle. I didn't see what it was until I looked at the lower stripe that said MRT Interceptor on it. It's a sweet ride, has the black on black scheme, and does justice to both the Mustang and the movies. I wish I could have heard her run. I ended talking to him for a few minutes, asking if Mad Max had any influence on his design. He said yes and I told him that we had discussed it on this site. He was surprised to say the least. He asked what site, and I told him and he said he'd check it out. I also asked him if he happened to be at the Ford 100 year in Dearborn to see the 20-some that were there, or talked to anyone in the Australian Ford Falcon Club. When I told him that mine was on the boat at the time, it prompted the question of "You have one?!" I told him I was building a full-time blown 460 (thanks 5.7) to put into my custom XB Interceptor. We discussed the shipping process through Aussiecoupes and some other small-talk about entering the Autorama in a couple of years. He seemed to be a stand-up bloke and hopefully he'll join in on the conversation. Cheers.
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