M.F.P. Vehicle Badges

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M.F.P. Vehicle Badges

Postby MFP1 » Fri Jan 07, 2005 7:59 pm

Just in case you missed the post in the "Maintain Right" thread.....

madmaxcars.com has reproduced the M.F.P. Vehicle badges with astounding accuracy (Using photoshop to combine several of the poor quality film stills of the "Vehcile Badges", and refrencing the exsisting photos of the M.F.P. "Jacket Badges"). This is (agruably, you decide, its your opinion that counts) the most movie accurate vehicle badge produced to date, and has several versions with minor diffrences available to satisfy your vision of what "Correct" is (as there is no known good pictures of the badge from the film).


for more information, or to give us any kudos, or constructive critisism go to:


or contact me:


or madmaxcars directly:

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