A game to waste your time

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A game to waste your time

Postby Redd4 » Sat Dec 11, 2004 9:47 pm

Fellow Maxians: A while back this was posted on IMDb, and I thought you might like to give it a try. It consists of letters and numbers, and you must tell me what they mean, such as:

50 S in the US would be: 50 States in the United States.

Admittedly, it was posted by an American, so you must think American. (Have a few beers, it shouldn't be a problem.)

Please don't post your answers here, but if you complete the list and want to be put on the honor roll, e-mail me with your answers at mailto:redd4@sbcglobal.net, with your time required, and I'll put you up.

Good luck and God Bless...

1) 26 L of the E A...2) 7 D of the W...3) 1001 T of the A N...4) 12 S of the Z...5) 54 C in a D (with the J)...6) 9 P in the S S...7) 88 K on a P...8) 13 S on the A F...9) 32 D F at which W F...10) 18 H on a G C...11) 90 D in a R A...12) 200 D for P G in M...13) 8 S on a S S...14) 3 B M (S H T R)...15) 4 Q in a G...16) 24 H in a D...17) 1 W on a U...18) 57 V of H...19) 11 P on a F T...20) 1000 W that a P is W...21) 29 D in F in a L Y...22) 64 S on a C B...23) 40 D and N of the G F...24) 76 T in the B P...25) 50 W to L your L...26) 99 B of B on the W...27) 60 S in a M...28) 1 H on a U...29) 9 J on the S C...30) 7 B for S B...31) 21 D on a D...32) 7 W of the A W...33) 15 M on a D M C...34) 7 C on the P E...35) 600 H P in the B O B I...

That last one's a gimme....

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