Mad Max 2 maincast at Memorabilia UK next week!

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Mad Max 2 maincast at Memorabilia UK next week!

Postby WarriorWoman » Fri Nov 19, 2004 6:53 am

Dear all,

Vern Wells "Wez" and I (Virginia Hey) "Warrior Woman", will be at Memorabelia next week at the NEC in Hall 3 November 27-28 2004 in Birmingham UK! We would both love to see you all. This is the very first time that Vern and I have EVER appeared together anywhere, so it will be very exciting. Ive asked if Vern can take a camera so folk can be photographed with us, but Im not sure if he has that organized yet.

Do try to come to see us if you are in the UK. have a look on Memorabilia's site in the UK under the NEC Birmingham Nov 27-28 link

Details are also on my site on the "Appearance" page.

My site address listed on Peter Bartons fab site is incorrect, I have emailed Peter a couple of times about this, and also about Memorabilia, but I guess he is very busy and hasnt been able to get back to me. Either that, or , um, he is angry that I coulnt travel from the USA to Sydney for the reunion in 2002! Hope thats not the case. We cant always drop everything and take off overseas when we want to unfortunately. Image

Ill come to the next one if I can though!

OK, hope Vern and I can see you at Memorabelia! :)

Kindest regards,

Virginia Hey

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Mad Max 2 maincast at Memorabilia UK next week!

Postby Peter Barton » Mon Nov 22, 2004 8:11 am

Apologies, I was a bit too busy lately, although I had thought I'd corrected the web link - I just realised that even though my "links" page was OK, your bio page was incorrect (apologies again!). It's now all fixed up, and I've posted a notice on the main page, I hope there's a great turn out (a pity I don't live a little closer, bring Vern out this way next time!)

Peter Barton
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Mad Max 2 maincast at Memorabilia UK next week!

Postby SCREWLOOSE » Mon Nov 22, 2004 10:42 pm

This might be a bit cheeky but is there any chance you could find out using your contacts if Mad Max Fury Road will be made?Image

We are all wondering and hoping it will be made!!

Hope you enjoy your trip to the NEC.
Pray hes out there!!
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