XB XA Dashboards and interiors

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XB XA Dashboards and interiors

Postby M_I_Zombie » Sun Oct 31, 2004 12:11 pm

I need a favor from some owners of the XB and XA Falcons. I am in need of photos of the interiors and the dashboards of the falcons. Why you ask??, its for correct refference. I am almost done with a cgi model of the BoB I & II and I would like to have the correct interior that had been used in the XB. While I'm doing this I am making the standard version of falcon in XA and XB trim packages. Basically I would like to have some photos facing the dash, side view with the door open (to match the correct depth that sticks out) and one of the doors closed ( from the opposite side, heh) (so I can see where the dash meets up with the door trim). Also I'm looking for the different styles of bucket seats and the C panels interior trim in the back seat area. Thanks
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