MFP Fender Badges / Production Pix Etc.

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MFP Fender Badges / Production Pix Etc.

Postby Steve Pilant » Tue Jul 13, 1999 3:34 am

Hello, There are many of us who would love to see a definitive fender badge closeup production picture, or indeed one of the original propr magnetic stickers used. We know a majority of what the image looks like, but an original one would be nice. Other behind the scenes production pix taken of the Interceptors etc would be most appreciated if anyone has a few images stashed away here and there. If anyone goes to the Cars of the Stars Museum in Keswick, England - PLEASE take a look at the tyre sidewalls and report back the tyre sizes. The museum does not allow photography and has CCTV with curators constantly running from zone to zone to stop pix form being taken, so a notepad and a careful eye would have to do the trick. If anybody has any goodies in the way of production pix and 8 x 10's not often seen, please share them and or sell them if you;re not interested. regards, Steve
Gotta hand it to ya treasure - the last of the V8 interceptors. Woulda been a shame to blow it up...
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