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Mad Max 4

Postby pwallmoon » Tue Aug 19, 2003 2:40 pm

I would also like to see Fifi in it. Apparently, Fifi was 10 years older than Max, so he would still be alive. Have a scene where they meet by chance, sharing a common foe (having Fifi trying to find a hero while trying to set up some kind of a post apocalyptic law enforcement and thinking "if I could only locate Max Rockatansky" and then suddenly meeting him). Since "Thunderdome" was the last film, it is natural for us to see what happens with characters from that. Aunty Entity is the main one of course. I agree with earlier people making her on the good side this time. Max could be grateful that she saved his life, she could see Max for his bravery and honour.

Savannah? Feral Kid? Certainly, could be included as well. Maybe also have some flashbacks from the memories of key characters (Fifi is obvious here) to explain what happened them in the PA world prior to their reunion with Max.
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