MFP outfit & props?

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MFP outfit & props?

Postby Jason Carlton » Fri Jul 09, 1999 3:46 am

Since the final resting place of the Interceptor comes up, what about Max's kick ass MFP outfit? So many real or bogus movie props show up around the world in places like "Planet Hollywood", does anybody know where the costume went? The same coat from MM2 is used in MM3, as well as one boot, but the pants who knows. The coat is certainly different from 1 to 2 - the I.D. tag looks gold and bearing the last name in MM1, in 2 it looks bolted on the coat and lacks his last name. In MM2 the coat is missing the oval shoulder pads with the bolts around it from MM1, so there'd have to be holes where the pad once was (maybe the origianal outfits from MM1 went to the actors or were on loan?). As for the double barrel from MM1 & 2, it can't be the same as the one in 3. The stock is different. The stock is actually sawed off in 3, while in the other films it looks manufactured that way. So for the original gun, thats anybody's guess. The utility belt is an obvious change from 2 to 3 (the belt worn by Max in 3 has a buckle that reads "Astor Police", what's that about?) The outfit worn by Kurt Russel in "Escape from New York" was kept by him after filming. But Gibson didn't sem to enjoy the filming of "Thunderdome" from what I've read, so it's doubtful he'd keep it as a trophy.
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