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Stund Driver

Postby meat_popsical » Sat May 10, 2003 3:46 pm

In this sundays herald sun(11-5-03), In their sunday magazine there is a section on Australian film crew people, who have worked on big films like the matrix, Gladiator, etc. One of them is Russell Allen, who is a stunt driver. He's worked on a heap of movies, including mad max: Beyond thunderdome, Mission Impossible, etc.

Anyway in the last paragraph about him it says:

"He has cracked his ribs and banged his head a lot and reckons the latest mad max (Fury road) is taking its toll. In pre-production in Nambia last year he dropped 6kg to look like the starving characters. Now he's eating lamingtons like peanuts. Gulf War II stalled the film but Allen is still waiting for a call back."

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